Proposals Ecuador

Finalist – Ecuador: I Wrote a Song That Will Change Your Mind

  April 3, 2013

Children and teenagers in my community will write songs that affect their lives, such as child abuse, abandonment, contamination, migration, racism, and harassment, and will be recorded and sung by the same youth in order to be uploaded to a viral blog so that everyone can listen to it. We hope to achieve reflection by their families, the community, and the world. We will achieve this thanks to those willingness for this project, where the youth will have the wonderful experience of creating, singing, and sharing.

Finalist – Ecuador: Rural Citizen Podcast

The 13 rural parishes of Loja Municipality (Ecuador) do not have the same development as the urban area of ​​Loja city. Because Internet access is more limited and costly in rural parishes that in the city, access digital content and production tend to be lower, and citizens voices of these areas has no impact in digital environments. We intend to provide digital skills to non-political leaders of six rural parishes of Municipality to be themselves who produce content, and amplify them in a podcast that #LoxaEsMás collective has been producing with great impact.

Finalist – Ecuador: Open Journalism with Open Technology and Licenses

  March 31, 2013

Many citizen and community journalism initiatives try to strengthen citizens, their rights and freedoms, but that cannot be done with private technologies and under the philosophy of copyright. It is essential that journalists learn about and practice free and open journalism. That way, information and communication can be democratized. Because of that, we want to train communication professionals, journalists and professors on the use of free technology and open licenses. The training will consist of an online component, then an in-classroom part to produce stories of citizen participation.

Ecuador: Citizen Podcast

  March 5, 2013

We want to increase citizen participation in the rural parishes of the region of Loja (Ecuador) through the production of fortnightly audio recordings with conversations with residents, and which will be included in the podcast of the #LoxaEsMás collective.

Ecuador: Voces Diversas en Wambra Radio

  March 4, 2013

Strengthen the exercise of communicating through the promotion of participation of several actors (women, young people, indigenous and rural population, and people with visual impairments) that have been historically excluded from the media in the proposal of Radio Wambra, Radio On Line as a space for community and citizen encounter on the internet, through a training for On Line radio production, podcast and blogs.

Eucador: Message

  March 1, 2013

The project is aimed at working with the Commune Silvayacu Indigenous Quechua, the Palma Roja parish, Canton Putumayo province of Sucumbíos, Ecuador's Amazon region, where they have no access to or knowledge of the use and advantages of digital communication, through Internet, to teach and encourage members of the community, start using the Internet: Google, Facebook, Twitter, to connect with the world, as a way to preserve and promote on line.

Ecuador: Your Life in Pixels

  February 28, 2013

Population of La Floresta in Quito will learn how to use a digital camera to express their emotions, perception of their environment and the history of their community Phases: 1 How to use a camera, what do we want to express, create a blog and social network profiles; 2 Each participant will take pictures with digital camera for a week; 3 Through a TIC training in Infodesarrollo people will put their pictures on the internet

Ecuador: Lives and Voices from Valle Hemoso

  February 25, 2013

Valle Hermoso (Beautiful Valley) is a new community formed around a pond that didn't exist until 1995. It is needed by the people around to know how to deal with the water resource, deal with the new fauna and tell the world what is being doing about this. Using video blogs, photo galleries and social networks, the lives and voices from Valle Hermoso's people will be told to the world. Also, awareness about the water will be created.

Ecuador: Promoting the Amazoic Voices

  February 25, 2013

The project will help the Shuar indigenous and mestizo communities inhabiting the city of Macas, in the Amazon of Ecuador, to tell their experiences and customs via podcast and forming citizen journalism to young teenagers of the town using the Media Center Facilities Atasim Foundation