· February, 2013

Proposals in U.S.A. from February, 2013

February 26, 2013

USA: Combating Islamic Radicalization on Somali American Youth

I am proposing combating Islamic radicalization on Somali's youth in Minneapolis. I will address the root causes of Islamic radicalization, the scale and the effects on the Somali community. I will address discussion Islamic radicalization literature, shed a light the existing literature focuses too narrowly on certain aspects on Islam, such as “Jihad”—the Islamic holy war against non-believers or non Muslims, and vulnerable Youth.

February 19, 2013

USA: A Circle of Stories

A CIRCLE OF STORIES will share the personal,family and traditional stories of Indigenous people through short videos made with new media,smartphones,tablets and digital video.Facilitating inter-cultural dialogue and increasing community interactions,these online stories will deepen public understanding of Native Americans as multi-dimensional individuals.


Round Dance Cinema will fuse the dynamic stories of Indigenous people with the sharing capabilities of online media.This project will fuse short videos created by Native Americans using smartphones,digital cameras and internet into an online, intertribal film festival. Creating these short films will increase communication between tribal people, while augmenting public awareness about First Nations people as multi-dimensional individuals.

USA: The Way We Live Now

Mainstream media relegates North American Native people to the past, as stoic images in old photographs or stereotypes in “Western” films. As a Creek/Cherokee woman,I meet people who are surprised that Native Americans still exist. “The Way We Live Now” will help Indigenous people to create short videos and place them online in a curated online venue that displays Natives interacting with daily life in modern ways and dispels stereotypes.

February 7, 2013

USA: Independent Global Citizen

Independent Global Citizen is a platform to tell positive stories about Africans helping Africans. I want to use social media as a storytelling tool to help those helping others.