· March, 2013

Proposals in Digital Storytelling from March, 2013

March 3, 2013

Rwanda: Grassroot Girls Development through Storytelling Media Support

This project aims at supporting the strategy of empowering the Community initiatives working in favour of girls . The project gives to the girls a means of innovation while enabling them to tell, document their own experiences related to their daily activities The project will encourage the members of the community to support the basic organizations Community (OBCs) by developing their visual competences, reveal their talents to

Ghana: Students’ Morale Boasting Through Storytelling

Students’ team spirit is key in their success. The main purpose of this project will be to better the morale of students through real life story telling. At the end of the project, the target group should be able to know how to create a group blog to take their conversation to the wider community, attract notice and impress others, and expand their network. These will be accomplished through workshops as well ongoing support and mentoring

March 2, 2013

Uganda: Training Extesion workers in Voice Recording and Editing farmers’ based practices

The project is aiming at bridging the information sharing gaps between farmers and extension workers in Nakaseke District. By empowering extension providers in farm radio recording and editing we will increase the levels of information sharing and interactions with the farmers. the Training will also enable extension officers to identify farmers needs and challenges and perhaps advise them and share local content online.

Pakistan: Access to Education

Strengthening capacity of young rural women in social and digital media to share their Stories about problems faced to girls children to get admission and continue their education. Selection of 20 young women activists, Five (5) days Capacity building program of the group in developing digital stories, use of social media and Internet, Capacity building through peer to Peer education, Use of Social Media and stories sharing, Follow up meetings

Philippines: Bridging Intergenerational Divide – Media in Farming Communities

The threat of the loss of local agricultural knowledge is real,with the youth losing interest on farming. Young people are increasingly becoming culturally alienated. The project hopes to tap the power of media to counter this trend, with people as content creators and having control on media. The project aims to change the youth’s attitudes and enhance intergenerational communication that will preserve and promote local agricultural knowledge.

Tanzania: Digital and Social Inclusion for Street Children

The project intends to enable street children/underserved children to explore their stories and share their life experiences to the community by provided both development of multimedia contents and social media trainings training with them.

Burundi: Conn@cting People

Conn@cting People is a project which will connect rural people(with no electricity neither internet access at all) from a war-displaced camp to the rest world. it is a project with 3 main activities:2workshops on peace photojournalism and the use of internet, the installment of the first solar powered Rural Internet Kiosk in Burundi and a photo competition and exhbit. it help reach the MDGs of bridging the Digital divide.

Pakistan: IDPs Media Project

This project will enable IDPs youth age 16-24 living in Camp and host communities to tell stories about themselves and their communities. By learning the documentary approach in photography, IDPs youth will create media products about their lives. Each participant will produce a piece of work, In addition, the participants will also be given a crash course on citizen journalism, allowing them to disseminate their works through the Internet.

Niger: Harobanda – Je suis fier de toi!

The project will reinforce a local grassroots organization that provides children living in Harobanda, Niamey’s poorest neighborhood, with afterschool classes and sports. The project will couple these existing initiatives with a targeted training program on digital and social media, providing invaluable skills and giving them a voice, while sharing their life with all its dignity and everyday challenges.

Bangladesh: Online Support to Garments Workers

The project proposes to provide training opportunities to ready-made garment workers in the use of digital tools thereby raise their voices, open delivery of life history, stories, case studies, experiences sharing through mother language in Bangla. These underpaid garments workers majorities from women folk live in cluster of slums to be organized into citizen media to restore their legitimate rights to speak on own ideas, grievances to society