Proposals Zambia

Zambia: From Rural to Digital – Championing Best Empowerment Practices

  April 8, 2014

The project will empower over 30 children in Lusaka Districts with technology skills in order to communicate challenges affecting them to institutions that can address them. The children will make use of phones, Internet and radio packages to reach their councilors, Members of Parliament, traditional leaders and government on suggestions for improved access to education or health. The children will be part of the Children's News Agency (CNA), as correspondents from remote rural areas after being trained in writing and radio/digital skills.

Zambia: Echoes of Community Voices

  April 8, 2014

The project aims to build community skills in computer/internet literacy to promote social-economic activities through electronic and online citizen media. The project seeks to provide a platform for training and voicing out of the most excluded and marginalized, yet viable community members in Luanshya district. Luanshya is located about 400 kilometers from the capital city of Zambia. The primary participants will be trained in short filmmaking (Documentaries), photography, and basic computer and internet skills. Participants will be drawn from local Schools, Community Based Organizations, Fa

Zambia: Humans Of Zambia

  April 1, 2014

Humans of Zambia is a social media platform for tourism and lifestlye information for different parts of Zambia. It will have daily updates from all corners of Zambia, talking about anything and everything – Climate Change, Tourist hotspots, Development Issues, Poor people asking for help, Beautiful random pictures that will portray a realistic image of Zambia by Zambians.

Zambia: Fundi (Hunter in English)

  March 26, 2014

The data Fundi projects aims to provide Web 2.0 training to presenters from four community radio stations based in Zambia's Southern Province. The purpose of the training is to create a provincial network of presenters who will build a blogtalk radio station online, where their programs will be aired. They will also be introduced to blogging. This will give a voice to residents in those communities, who are usually ignored. Apart from state owned ZNBC, the Zambian Law does not allow radio stations to broadcast nation wide. Using this online platform, that law can not prevent a wider audience.