Proposals D.R. of Congo

DR of Congo: Faces and Voices of the DRC

  April 13, 2014

The project will shed light on the under-represented stories of the DR Congo, those of hope, peace and strength. The campaign will use various forms of interactive media to change the prevailing narrative on Congo from the “heart of darkness” to one of hope and promise for the future. The project will be implemented firstly, via workshops, in partnership with Panzi Foundation DRC in Eastern Congo. Then, the project organizers will work with local women to accumulate media that highlights their strength and the promise of hope in Congo, to be shared in the digital world.

D.R. of Congo: Mogribu

  April 1, 2014

Mogribu is an interactive voice reporting application that enables marginalized communities in rural and conflict affected areas to be heard on the internet through phone-based reporting and automated content updating and sharing on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google+.