Proposals Social Networking

India: Uplift Tribal Women's Life Through Social Media

The organization proposes to inculcate technological aptitude in the form of imparting the art of using Social Media to the tribal women of backward areas of the Northern India with the purpose of amplifying their voices thus helping their stories to reach out to the entire world by training them to master over the skills of social media and technology. They will be taught to operate computers first, then internet services followed by multimedia Mobile phones.

Bhutan: “E-ngage Youth”

The Project will create an increased awareness on media literacy amongst the school going youth and high school dropouts, who reside at Changjiji Housing Complex by conducting a series of media literacy/engagement classes. A local media expert will conduct photojournalism, digital storytelling and video-blogging classes. Through this training we hope that the youth will not only gain an understanding of how media functions, but also get their voices heard and be a part of our democratic processes.

Malawi: Music Crossroads: Youth Media Outreach

The project will be organised by the nonprofit organisation Music Crossroads International (MCI). The project aims at introducing our students’ stories, at the local academies in Mozambique and Malawi, to the global community. The project will empower the musicians, sharing skills on effective music recording and knowledge on how to spread their message to larger audience using social media tool, to start a global conversation. Music is extremely important in Southern Africa and this project will give our young students a voice in the community and online through their music

Kenya: Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Statistics in Kenya show that there is an increase in the occurrence of cerebral palsy in new born and infants as a result of brain damage. The main cause is lack of prenatal care and hospital's inability to handle emergency cases during delivery. Most of the victims are young mothers. Our project is to create awareness through digital media on prevention and management of cerebral palsy. We plan to hold a three day seminar to teach young people and mothers with children with CP how to blog and create awareness on the prevention and management of this disease.

Uganda: Rise of a Voice Inspired by #TweepsHelpBududa

This project proposes a program designed to identify, train & mentor 30 youth from Bududa who have been affected by landslides to innovatively use social media to share their original experiences, culture & calls for action for social change. Ultimate goal of the project is to create a vibrant network of a generation who will ably represent their community online through participatory citizen media & celebrate the magnificent #TweepsHelpBududa experience. To achieve these results, project participants will be empowered through citizen media training workshops and close individual guidance.

Sri Lanka: Conflict & Reconciliation

We wish to point out that we intend to develop the knowledge in ICT and media communication among the estate, Village youth community with live in Maskeliya, and Hatton areas of Ambagamuwa Korali of Nuwara-Eliya district. Through this programme the Management skills of youth could be developed. Their skills in Digital Video, Social Mapping etc will be disclosed through this process, 10 numbers youth groups will be mobilized by us in order to handle conflict Reconciliation strategies and address the social problem through Democratic process. There is no proper systematic video documentation.

Madagascar: Malagasy Youth Voice (My Voice)

Malagasy Youth Voice is a project aiming at giving an opportunity for the voice of Malagasy youth about the future they want to be heard beyond boarders. In Madagascar, young people are underestimated due to our culture and our top down where only the voice of the elders is meant to be heard and due to system that makes that decisions are made without consultation with young people. Time is up now to offer opportunity for them to make their voice. The activities encompass training of trainers about advocacy, media advocacy, use of social media for advocacy, about photography and voice image.

Sudan: Ms. Independant​ Magazine

The aim of the magazine is to promote feminist values, gender equality and female liberation, as well as to address social problems and challenges of great concern to the Sudanese woman. The magazine will be fully operated by young women and will distributed WEEKLY for free in schools, universities as well as cafes and public gathering hotspots across Sudan, and will be available online. As the most oppressed and underprivileged group in Sudan , we hope the magazine will restore the hope for better Sudan for women.

Zimbabwe: Mbira Musical Heritage Preservation

I intend to work on digital cultural preservation and assisting our local cultural communities to both share their cultural wealth of knowledge with current and future generations and to also give them an opportunity to learn about the benefits of the internet. To achieve this, 2 workshops will be conducted to practically help with the implementation of aspects patterning to internet usage and its revelence in these communities.I will work with communities involved in the making and presentation of mbira music for the purposes of preserving the mbira heritage for current and future references

Kenya: Stop Violence Agsints Widows Project

In formulating the project idea, Ebony Youth and Orphans Support Initiative organization consulted youth and children in the community for ideas on project name and intended activities , further consultations were held through sharing of the project idea with local leaders , informal consultations were held with NGOs and CBOs handling social justice and violence prevention issues. The project will work with widows in two settings ( rural and urban) to address rights violations .Chapter 4 of the Kenyan constitution ( 2010) outlaws discrimination, however at the community level, various