Proposals Croatia

Croatia: New Voice of Old School

  March 4, 2013

The everyday use of new media is nowadays taken for granted by all young people but for older adults, however, it is not so common. The project aims to provide older adults with knowledge of using new technology, especially internet so they can establish on line participation on issues that affect them (e.g. e-democracy). In this way they will increase social contact and reduce feelings of isolation so they feel more integrated into the society.

Croatia: Youth Media Activism

  March 2, 2013

Main goal of project is to raise interest of local community for involvement in common life through using of new technologies and to give opportunity for active participation in reporting about different parts of life. Focus will be at issues of independent culture and usage of public spaces. Activities: educational programs (active citizens, public participation); new technologies; e-democracy public debate and enhancements of internet site.

Croatia: IT inclusion of elderly people

  March 1, 2013

Project aims at digital and social inclusion of elderly people in Rijeka, otherwise considered passive members of society. Participants will be educated in digital photography, journalism, video production, Internet and social networks, and apply gained skills in writing on-line reports about the town’s sights, cultural and historical heritage. At the end of the project, a multilingual guide of Rijeka, seen through their eyes, will be created.

Croatia: Studio Memories

  February 28, 2013

The elderly have a great life experience. Sharing life stories of elderly that lead to the learning of others and develop a healthy community of inter-generational solidarity. The basic idea of the project: To record the history and experience of older people in the story, the picture. Objective: To use the power of story in all its forms (video and audio streaming experience) expectation to facilitate resolving problems of younger people.

Croatia: Zmreza, Young People Become Journalists

  February 26, 2013

Z press is also the name of the portal, which is the platform of the project itself. It is a portal into the Zagorje region of Croatia, which has only 130,000 inhabitants. Our goal is to set foot on an independent platform that will serve as a place where residents can express their problems. The portal is designed for supporting the sport and culture, as well as encouraging people to expose the corruption and injustice in the local community.