March, 2014

Proposals from March, 2014

Malawi: Social Justice through Digital Stories

  March 31, 2014

The problem of child domestic labour in towns especially the major cities of Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu and Zomba has become very common and wide spread. A random survey of 360 households in the city of Lilongwe reviewed that 323 households representing 89.7% had domestic servants. 78.8% of these servants were children between the ages of 8 and 14 years. 84.9% of the domestic child workers are girls. Many of these servants are obtained from the villages. They are highly illiterate, poor and hence disadvantaged. In the surveyed area child labour was discovered to be associated with the follo

Guatemala: Open Government and the Guatemalan Congress

  March 31, 2014

This project proposes to advocate the principles of open government as they apply to Congress throughout Guatemala, raising awareness of the important functions performed by this institution as well as the mechanisms by which citizens can engage their representatives. It will consist of a series of workshops tailored to both high school and university students from the countryside. We want to elicit young citizens to empower themselves, find ways to organize to participate in democracy in order to demand actions from their representatives and, above all, question the status quo.

Egypt: Sawt el Salam Youth Digital Journalism Training

  March 31, 2014

Bashkatib will deliver digital journalism training to Sawt el Salam, a group of youth from Dar El Salam, Cairo, who run a small community media outlet in their neighborhood. Bashkatib initiated Sawt el Salam as one in a network of youth-run media outlets in marginalized areas throughout Egypt. The youth design, edit and manage a print publication distributed monthly in their neighborhood, and contribute content to the online Bashkatib network. This project will develop the youth's skills in digital video, using social media platforms and the Internet for journalism, and basic management.

Liberia: Citizen's Watch Against Corruption

  March 31, 2014

This project is designed to get young people to join the fight against corruption and keeping a firm watch through the use of the digital electronic media (mobile phones & social media networking site). The project will make the best use of the social media platform on facebook where a forum or group will be created and trainings conducted for the forum admins to properly manage the forum and ensure the effective participation of the citizens in achieving the envisaged project's objective to contribute towards the MDGs and fight against corruption.

Philippines: Citizen Documentation for Forest Sustainability

  March 31, 2014

This project aims to empower the small farmers organization living near the buffer zone of Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary who are involved in forest conservation by training them on documentations, reporting system and setting of Community Information Center as communications pool regarding protection activities within the sanctuary and outreach strategies to promote environmental conservation in Davao Oriental, Philippines, and develop an online social network to engage their peers around the world to share, learn, and support their campaign in the global community.

Madagascar: Malagasy Youth 2015: Challenges & Dreams

  March 31, 2014

we aim at bringing Malagasy youth voice to the discussion around the Post 2015 agenda. Through our Youth Leadership and activism training we will indentify 24 Young people and we will train them in community mapping, story telling, photograhy, group discussion facilitation. After an intensive national training they will work in peer and go to rural area of Madagascar where Young people doesnt have access or doesnt even know Facebook or the internet to capture their lives, spend time to understand their challenges and share them online through photography

Afghanistan: “Follow My Story” Afghan Women Voice Campaign

  March 31, 2014

Follow my Story is a project by Today's Afghanistan Conciliation Trust (TACT). It aims at empowering indigenous Afghan women to share their stories using digital media tools (audio podcasts, blogging). Afghan women continue to be under extreme oppression in term of education, health, and employment, which have restricted their participation in economic activities. TACT in close cooperation with radio MRASTA will organize workshops to build capacity amongst local women on the use of audio recorders and internet to develop and share their own success stories.

Kenya: Free to Be Me Without Drugs

  March 30, 2014

Drug abuse is prevalent in Malindi. Finding strategies for drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation of users are some of the things that the society is trying to do. My proposal is to use digital media to highlight the issues surrounding drug abuse. This includes adverse effects of drug abuse like HIV prevalence, violence against women, the struggles of drug addicts and why it is so easy for drugs to find their way into the society. Our proposal is to train young people on how they can use the digital platform to blog and share their stories on these issues in an effort to eradicate drug abuse

Palestine: Center Minimal Media

  March 29, 2014

• Mission: To develop media work in Salfit and uplifted by the service to the emerging generations, with the aim of creating a generation aware of the Palestinian issue and the dangers that threaten it. • Vision: to work to help people in various aspects of life and culture in the media and elsewhere. • Geographic Location: corner of town – Salfit – Palestine, Website: • Achievements and Events: 1 – continuous coverage of all the news is not particularly conservative and it lacks the media. 2 – Create a blog dealing with the affairs of the media called mi

Kenya: Bunge

  March 29, 2014

We get youths from different slums around Nairobi. We train them on how to do audio visual digital story making techniques. This will give them a platform and opportunity to learn how to tell their own stories and have a voice of their own. For some it will be a source of their daily bread. Bunge will be a platform where they can discuss issues affecting their communities. They will film the process and upload it on social media.