Proposals Palestine

Palestine: Humans of Palestine – ناس فلسطين

  April 14, 2014

ناس فلسطين “Humans of Palestine” provides a glimpse into the daily lives of Palestinians. (Inspired by the Facebook page “Humans of New York”) Portraits for Palestinians’ daily life from the Gaza Strip, West-Bank and Palestinians citizen of Israel ناس فلسطين – بتحكي قصص ومواقف من يوميات حياة الفلسطيني يوميات الفلسطينيين في محافظات قطاع غزة والضفة الغربية وفلسطينيي الداخل

Palestine: VACA Girl's Drama Theater Project

  April 14, 2014

We are going to organize Palestinian Women Dance and Drama performance group and show its activities and play through social media. Women in Palestine suffer from a lot of difficulties including not only political problem but also social problem. Dancing and acting help women to reduce their pressure through expressing their emotion and feeling. Themes of their drama and dance will be related to women and we are going to exhibit its performance to women in our community. We expect they will become one of the role models of Palestine women in our community.

Palestine: Youth 2 Youth

  April 14, 2014

The project is initiating training course about creative writing and photography. We will later collect a number of stories that youth share in their writing in order to produce a radio show based on it. The first stage of implementation will mainly focus on creative writing and how to enhance youth's ability in this particular field. The second phase will focus mainly on documenting their experience. The third phase is transforming it into a radio program.

Palestine: Speaking Eyes

  April 13, 2014

Speaking Eyes aims to train a group of young adult’s living in a conflict zone area of both genders ages 14-17 on how to express and document the stories and concerns of themselves and their community through caricature, creative writing, and publish these writings, political, social and economical cartoons in a blog established, edited and updated by the youth themselves. Therefore, they will undergo a training on creative writing, illustrations and caricature, photography and social media utilization especially blogs.

Palestine: Disadvantaged Population and Citizen Media

  April 7, 2014

It has been recognized that not all the needs within the Palestinian society were covered, with so much demand for specific services for Palestinians who face daily challenges, mentally, socially, psychologically and physically, Hand Without Limits Foundation ( HWL), sought to bring into surface this project, in which HWL will provide aid and guidance, and will provide the necessary training, workshops, educational sessions for Palestinian community mainly in rural areas in which they have lack of knowledge of citizen's media.

Palestine: Electronic Radio Free

  April 6, 2014

The main goal in this project ،people can discuss the problems at the country by free electronic radio، By rings and radio reports recording، They also will learn during the project:Preparation of radio programs, provide radio programs, education on the recording and audio editing, activating the radio by social networking sites.

Palestine: Capacity Building for Media

  April 5, 2014

University College for Applied Sciences (UCAS), as a leading institution in the field of applied and technical education in Gaza strip has an educational program called “Communication and Media Technology”. This project aims at improving and developing efficient media practitioners in Gaza for the best of a clear, understandable and professional media work that is capable of raising awareness of international audiences about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from a Palestinian perspective. by high quality trainings, workshops, and resources to local media professionals. for 12 months duration

Palestine: Center Minimal Media

  March 29, 2014

• Mission: To develop media work in Salfit and uplifted by the service to the emerging generations, with the aim of creating a generation aware of the Palestinian issue and the dangers that threaten it. • Vision: to work to help people in various aspects of life and culture in the media and elsewhere. • Geographic Location: corner of town – Salfit – Palestine, Website: • Achievements and Events: 1 – continuous coverage of all the news is not particularly conservative and it lacks the media. 2 – Create a blog dealing with the affairs of the media called mi