Brazil: Minha Identidade – Meu Bairro / My Identity – My Neighborhood

Lauro de Freitas (Bahia-Brazil) present urban violence because of drug trade. This situation compromise the social harmony and the living together, laid the citizen’s life on the line, especially of the more vulnerable group as young, black and suburbs people. In 2013 the city was the VIII Municipality for youth vulnerability to the violence. For that the Project want to help these teenagers to empowerment their history and their identity, through the creation of a video where all the community will be involved. They are the actors that can change their life.


  • Julia

    Very interesting proposal! With projects like this we lever up processes that put the neighborhood as a center of development, which I think is the future for our comm.unities

  • Laura

    Good Project! Young people from Bahia suburbs need to know their origin and finally become a protagonist in the society.

  • juan pablo

    Glad to hear that theres people trying to make this, a better world. I personally believe that in roder to do so, we nee to take advantage of the technology that science offers. Great idea

  • Diogo

    Projeto mais do que importante e necessário à população de Lauro de Freitas. Tomara ele possa ser executado com o máximo de apoio possível.

  • Cecilia Vélez

    Rehabilitation projects for youth and adults should be supported unconditionally, social Organanizaciones and State Institutions are in the moral obligation to provide any support for projects created for this purpose and have positive impact for the good of these vulnerable groups.

    • Cecilia Vélez

      It is a priority and a duty to ensure the welfare of others, the best thing that young people get involved in sustainable and rehabilitation proyects.
      The social organizations, government and International aid agencies should work together to lower rates of poverty, domestic violence, crime, drugs
      Proyects as presentd should be supported and put into practice sustaining them with th proposed resources.

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