Proposals Violence Prevention

Colombia: Community Cinema Screenings

  April 14, 2014

The aim of the project is that the children and young women of the neighborhood Juan Rey in Bogota, Colombia produce a shortfilm on the principal challenges of a child who grows in an environment of exclusion and conflict. We want to sensitize to the community on the impact of a negative environment in the growth and development of the children. The shortfilm will realize by means of the training in audio-visual production, photography of 20 children and young inhabitants of this vulnerable community of the south of the Colombian capital.

Colombia: My Life in Focus Tumaco

  April 14, 2014

My Life in Focus Tumaco is a citizen media education program for marginalized Afro-Colombian youth (14-21) affected by violence, poverty and armed conflict. Our mission is to support the youth to have their own, authentic voices be heard, to provide them with an alternative to joining one of the illegal armed groups and to improve their prospect of gaining employment in the media sector. To achieve this we will provide participants with a training in human rights, followed by professional-grade training in aspects of digital media, such as reporting, blogging, photography, and filmmaking.

India: Linking of Resources for Child Protection

  April 13, 2014

Namakkal District is in the western part of Tamilnadu,India have a population of 1.72 million. Namakkal is known for its trucking, rig, power loom, poultry,sago and starch,educational industries. On the other hand, Namakkal District also ranks tops with the higher prevalence and incidents of HIV/AIDS,incidents of child rights violations-incidents of various forms of exploitation and abuses, high incidents of child marriages & high magnitude of child work force.While there are stand alone programs to address these, all of them are to be roped and to provide effective referrals and networking

Bolivia: The Bolivian School Network for Peace

  April 11, 2014

Our main goal is to contribute to peace building at school communities by creating a digital network where teachers, parents and students can share experiences and information about how to overcome violence situations. In order to achieve our goal, and since there is a lack of reflection about the advantages and disadvantages of the ICT implementation at Bolivian schools, we want to develop and strengthen skills about internet, cyberbullying and digital tools in teachers and parents. Finally, we will motivate a massive participation and practical use of the acquired skills creating a contest.

Mexico: HerStory – Stories of Women on the Frontlines

  April 8, 2014

The aim is to launch an online crowd-based map using existing and user-generated data from human rights defenders to reduce violence against women in Mexico through storytelling and the sharing of data. We will implement an online training course using Google Hangouts with a core group of human rights defenders currently working in Mexico. Courses will focus on the use of narrative strategy to frame stories, current mapping and SMS technology. The website will be launched as a training tool and a way to humanize the statistics related to violence targeted at women and children in Mexico.

Nepal: Rising Voice

  April 8, 2014

The “Rising Voice” is a project that proposes to advocate the voice of urban young girls who has been sexually harassed and molested in both of the private and public spheres of Kathmandu Valley. The project also is designed to reach to policy makers through online portal sharing. The project will be writing 50 blogs throughout the year and a platform to discuss about the possible solutions. The team will be organizing a series of workshop in the very beginning of the project that aims to explore the ways to encounter the problem and to empower themselves with their own alliance.

Nigeria: Finding our Voice in Violence

  April 8, 2014

This project shall create an SMS platform through which individuals in undeserved communities in Lagos Nigeria can report cases of violence and crisis during in the period leading to the Nigerian elections in February 2015 till 4 months post-elections. Information from the platform will be fed to a live twitter, Facebook stream and an open source crisis hot-spot mapping (using Ushahidi). This would provide security information for the community members, wider Lagos metropolis, security agencies and in event of electoral redress.

Honduras: Carpe Diem

  April 6, 2014

In wallabies we have made a film about Bulling called Carpe Diem, is a story in video with a duration of 45 minutes, was conducted with funds and especially with the help of the people of Perspire in Honduras, the film is ready for play in to schools and public institutions in Honduras, but lack the funds to do so. The Carpe Diem project is based on raising funds for our film project throughout the country and especially in schools and public schools in cases where you record and Bulling are increasingly frequent, in each presentation will be held a forum where raise the issue in more dept

Brazil: Minha Identidade – Meu Bairro / My Identity – My Neighborhood

  April 4, 2014

Lauro de Freitas (Bahia-Brazil) present urban violence because of drug trade. This situation compromise the social harmony and the living together, laid the citizen’s life on the line, especially of the more vulnerable group as young, black and suburbs people. In 2013 the city was the VIII Municipality for youth vulnerability to the violence. For that the Project want to help these teenagers to empowerment their history and their identity, through the creation of a video where all the community will be involved. They are the actors that can change their life.

Brazil: Lights, Camera, Citizen

  March 26, 2014

The Project light, camera, citizen, aims to promote democratization of access to audiovisual knowledge, promote protagonists actions. Through free workshops, adolescents in fulfillment of socio- educational measures in freedom in the city of Teixeira de Freitas – BA, teenagers sheltered home in Casa Sagrada Familia, Eradication of Child Labour, NGO ASSELIAS, Projovem teenager. During the project young people learn to use the film as a portrayal of reality . In workshops adolescents, besides the theoretical part, has contact with software for video editing.