Proposals Morocco

Morocco: Our Voices Heard in the World

  April 12, 2014

Project seeks to train 40 organizations in the region and help them to establish their website and also opened their accounts on social networks and YouTube for free , and help them how to publish, communicate and make their voices heard to the world , trying through the project to support this organizations to disseminate its voices and to open to the world by the new media , in terms of : training them . And the project will be achieved due to the close to each others and also the permanent communicative with them via other courses that we’d organized.we shall explain all the steps.

Morocco: Documentary

  April 10, 2014

A short documentary film, documentary title is: “Raise your voice to the world” the subject of the film is to present the conditions experienced by the Moroccan society, poverty, and unemployment

Morocco: Kamline

  April 7, 2014

Kamline is an online platforme of petitions for Moroccan people, Our objectif is to create a solid and strong community that help people arround the Morocco to let the governement listen to their voices and their needs, and build a culture of using the internet and its tools to make positive change in lives of people in Morocco as awell as what White house petition platform & & does.

Morocco: Artists of the Kasbah

  April 7, 2014

An artist is a person who produces works eliciting an emotion or feeling and thought-provoking and spirituality or transcendence is to perform a skill, an art or a technique belonging to the art we see among others creativity, poetry, the originality of his generation, his actions and deeds. The concept artist is linked to the idea of subject and otherness in an individual or group of people.

Morocco: Mdinti

  April 6, 2014

Khouribga (Arabic: خريبكة‎) is a city in Khouribga of Morocco with a population of approximately 172,000. Khouribga owes its growth to the phosphate deposits nearby we wants as (APEKPRESS.Info — web press bloggers association active in this city ) create a weblocal radio to help associations – young peaple – students – to devellop their their skills in association management, entrepreneurships, volunteering, human rights, teamwork, initiative, communication. And you can also share through this radio curriculum, administrative procedures.

Morocco: Friendship Society, Cultural and Artistic

  March 29, 2014

The project of cultural and art on the Internet and on the ground, targeting young innovators and hobbyists to develop their artistic and cultural dissemination and documented, as well as workshops teaching in the field of painting, writing and photography, sewing and literacy on the ground reality and work to integrate the poor and marginalized and divorced women in society through education profession sewing and dyeing.