Proposals Mexico

Mexico: Proyecto Ja'ab: Youth News From Mayan Area

  April 15, 2014

From February 2013, Joan Serra Montagut is coordinating a book edition project that is building – through a collective work of 500 young people from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and El Salvador – a collection of 12 books about 12 important aspects of the human life (heritage, art, identity, women, etc.). Each one is made in one different city from San Salvador to San Cristóbal de Las Casas. The aim of the project is to strengthen nets through books and new medias in the youth from this geographic area made of 5 countries promoting reading, the knowledge of the own identity and freedom.

Mexico: The South of South is Liberated Music

  April 12, 2014

We propose to contribute towards strengthening the Mayan language and Yucatecan spanish by thinking of the problems in our communities and proposing solutions by composing music, being us the ones who can give ourselves a voice. Our proposal is to provide workshops with young leaders of music projects in different communities of Yucatan, to build strategies for collaborative musical composition with themes that affirm our culture in our present. Our goal is to create 10 songs as a result of the proposed group workshops about the problems and solutions that we collectively construct.

Mexico: Mi Pueblo TV

  April 11, 2014

It´s a program of participatory workshops and self-managed video production, developed for Morelos young people, with the objective to create networks that allow them to integrate as a community to produce capsules in video that portray people, customs, traditions and daily life of their environment, particularly focused on the preservation and promotion of the work of local artisans and intangible heritage.

Mexico: Weaving Social and Environmental Struggles

  April 10, 2014

This proposal raises the formalization and extension of ” Hijos de la tierra” project through strategic communication planning activities whose main thematic focus is the emergence, development and monitoring of the various socio-environmental movements and struggles in Mexico and Latin America. Goals: Broadcasting of radio and audiovisual content in digital format through the website and social networks. Establishing agreements with media local self-communication for the the periodic broadcasting of radio and audiovisual content in digital format

Mexico: Zapotecan Zaachila Language Documentation and Revitalization

  April 9, 2014

There are not accessible grammars or dictionaries of Zaachila. Our research group has the aim to document and revitalize the language through the oral literature in a series of workshops, where together with speakers of Zaachila and other members of the community (children) we will produce a booklet with traditional short stories narrated by different speakers of Zaachila and translated into Spanish and English and a talking dictionary online. The process will be filmed with the intention to make a documentary where the speakers can give their impressions about their language and identity.

Mexico: Making Visible the Invisible

  April 9, 2014

Design a digital campaign to make visible the phenomenon of disappeared persons in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Since the actual government security policy is to control the media to diminish or eliminate perception of violence & insecurity in the country & the states. We want to give voice to the families of the disappeared through a digital storytelling with their testimonies in order to create public awareness, promote denounce, prevent new cases & inform citizens about disappearances. Training a group of 40 persons to use social networks to share by themselves info about their disappeared relatives

Mexico: HerStory – Stories of Women on the Frontlines

  April 8, 2014

The aim is to launch an online crowd-based map using existing and user-generated data from human rights defenders to reduce violence against women in Mexico through storytelling and the sharing of data. We will implement an online training course using Google Hangouts with a core group of human rights defenders currently working in Mexico. Courses will focus on the use of narrative strategy to frame stories, current mapping and SMS technology. The website will be launched as a training tool and a way to humanize the statistics related to violence targeted at women and children in Mexico.

Mexico: Videoblog of History and Oral Mayan Tradition

  April 8, 2014

Portal with videos of life stories, legends and traditions from Mayan speakers of Campeche. This project proposes to register a part of the Mayan oral culture. This will be through 20 interviews of Maya-speakers who, through them, will tell a traditional Mayan history. Topics are open, however, priority will be given to those that deal with the environment. Subsequently, these recordings will be edited and translated into Spanish and English and will be hosted on a website to be promoted through our social networks and those of our partners.

Mexico: Strengthening Indigenous Leader Spokeswomen Network

  April 8, 2014

To Increase the presence of indigenous women in community radio as spokeswomen and content creators to promote both gender equity and justice in all spheres of life, through the production of radio spots that put indigenous women as expert spokeswomen for this; it is necessary to have minimal materials that permit the production of spots such as audio recorders.