Proposals Ethiopia

Ethiopia: New World of Possibilies for Vulnerable Youths

  March 2, 2013

Ethiopia is one of the highly hit nation by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Although, the country is showing progresses both in terms of new HIV incidence and prevalence rate, a systematic and strategic intervention is still needed to address the need of the newly appearing most at risk population groups such as in school and out of school youths whom can better be addressed via integration of peer education and social media interventions.

Ethiopia: Rural Youth Agri-conservation Knowledge Sharing Initiative

  March 2, 2013

The project seeks to use the internet (Facebook, twitter, blogging, and periodic newspaper) for local research and knowledge sharing so that they conserve their natural resource bases around the undulating terrains they settled on. It is intended to help young people in and around Ensaro-Wayu acquire and develop them in the area of skills acquisition in Information technology as a solution for adapting unpredicted weather and crop failure.

Ethiopia: Sharing Stories to Inspire Girls and Women

  February 28, 2013

This project will support female students in the target locality to end harmful traditional practices. In Ethiopia in general and Dukem locality in particular, access to the internet is insignificant. The girls in the locality will share their experiences in fighting harmful traditional practices through school mini media and local community radios. ICEDA will translate and upload the recorded audios to the national and international literates.