Proposals Zimbabwe

Finalist – Zimbabwe: Promoting Citizen Journalism in Chitungwiza

  April 2, 2013

We have initiated an online news platform with URL The platform uses the concept of citizen reporting whereby citizens play an active role in the gathering, documenting and disseminating of news and events occurring in their communities. We therefore seek to promote the concept of citizen journalism/reporting among the young generation of Chitungwiza. This will be done through training and skills development workshops to sharpen their awareness on the concept of citizen reporting, new media and use of digital tools in amplifying their voices.

Finalist – Zimbabwe: Voices from the Deep End

  March 29, 2013

This project seeks to use new media to raise awareness about the San Community in Zimbabwe. The San are a group of people are on the verge of extinction. They are being faced with serious adaptation problems, living in poverty and their language is almost dying. The project seeks to create platforms where the San can be given platform to express their issues and also participate in democratic processes in Zimbabwe. The San will be trained to use new media to advocate for their rights and raise awareness about their situation.

Zimbabwe: Proud of my Heritage

  March 4, 2013

The parts of the Shangani culture is threatened. How far has cultural erosion taken place? This project hopes to give the Shangani girls and women an opportunity to share their culture with the others in a similar predicament. To develop pride, resilience and mantain their language and customs.To link up with other Shangani in Zimbabwe and beyond. To give a voice to the voiceless,Let them tell their story on line through citizen media.

Zimbabwe: Unleashing Suppressed Voices

  March 4, 2013

Our project seeks to train women to be citizen journalists able to tell unheard stories and legitimate viewpoints. We will train women to blog and use digital storytelling techniques to highlight issues not reported by the mainstream media. This will result in freedom of expression and the democratisation of the media. We hope to increase women’s voices in the public discourse and confront violence, the denial, blame and stigma surrounding HIV.

Zimbabwe: ‘I’ Stories Healing Cafe – Rising above Student Activism

The project seeks to equipp student activists with relevant blogging skills which would enable them to share their experiences as the vanguard of student rights. Many student activists in Zimbabwe have experienced police brutality while some have been expelled from pursuing their studies and these experiences have left many hopeless and disoriented. Through I stories they will express their anger and frustrations as a healing process and move on.

Zimbabwe: Enhancing Youth Participation in Democractic Development

  March 3, 2013

The undertaking will see the training of youths on how to use online media tools to achieve their human rights activism and promote greater civic participation. Experts on citizen media shall be invited to make deliberations. And this shall benefit the youths and their communities through attaining clear knowledge on online media tools and link with the global world.Such a project will promote effectiveness in promoting democracy,justice and peace


  March 3, 2013

The project aims to form a network of local NGOs or charity organisations who are working in rural zimbabwe and have limited access to the top of the range ICT technology. The will be basically a website where the local NGOs will be incorporated as members of the network. This will show case the activities of these NGOs and the local communities thereby providing the digital media for the underpriviledged.

Zimbabwe: Empowering Youth and Rural Communities

  March 1, 2013

As Youth Forum Zimbabwe, we want to organize a 1 day workshop in Harare for 20 selected members coming from the 10 administrative provinces (2 from each); 10 from the business world and 10 from civil society. We will teach how to use the internet, mainly mobile, in an effective manner, from both a business and an organizational/informational perspective. Once back in their provinces, the teams of 2 will hold 1 free seminar for their communities

Zimbabwe: Teen Integrity Bloggers

The Teen Integrity Bloggers seeks to promote the exchange of ideas on values of transparency, accountability and integrity among teenagers using the WhatsApp Messenger and facebook through training and digital dialogue sessions. Teenagers in Youth for Transparency and Integrity clubs will be trained to encode corruption experiences and response mechanisms so as to nurture a culture of honesty and observance of cultural value system by teenagers.

Zimbabwe: Farmers Voices At Last

  February 28, 2013

To support a farmer information centre with relevant media hard and software. Ten farmers will under go intensive training on use of the media. The trainers will then train other farmers on use of the media. The farmers will then share regularly with other farmers and the wider global community on issues affecting them in their agriculture, environment, processing and marketing. The farmers will prepare their script and tell their story.