Proposals D.R. of Congo

D. R. of Congo: Survivors’ Voices

The project consists of teaching women survivors of sexual violence and war in Kivu part of DRC how to use internet and creating a platform for them to exchange with the outside world. For their therapy, the documentation of how they overcame the situation and to help others know how to overcome theirs. this will help the outside world understand what is going on in DRC and bring people to put effort together to end the DRC war.

D. R. of Congo: All in Minova Informed

AMI is a capacity building initiative aiming to facilitate access to information for marginalized people and give them the opportunity to share information on their situation, challenges and perspectives. Beneficiaries will receive training in computing and access to an internet facility and guidance

D. R. of Congo: Muzuka Online

This 2 year strategic initiative aims to make digital access available in the DR Congo’s Muzuka sector (9 villages), where accessing digital information remains a big challenge as well as in other rural areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project will provide 10 Smart phones, solar charging kit and train community leaders about researching and sharing information through the use of ICTs.

D. R. of Congo: Community Journalists Empowerment

The project aiming to empower the local community journalists on the use of new informatics media technology for the delivering and development agendas and broadcasting.The journalists will be able to update their audiences at a larger scale.Local citizens need to be helped in rising their voices with well informed and trained journalists.

D. R. of Congo: Production of Health and Environment Podcasts

This project is to train 103 people to record and edit audio on the free software Audacity and produces podcasts to download online and distributed to local radio stations for a wider audience.

D. R. of Congo: Exhibition of photos and video online Flickr

This project is to create a local network of photographers to digital photos and video for an exhibition of photos and video on Flickr online environment and human rights. To get there, walking editing photos and videos will be regularly organized in different parts of the city and its surrounding villages.

DR Congo: Network Support for Local Bloggers

This project is to create a local support network for bloggers with two operating mechanisms: the creation of a training camp media and citizens to use twitter with a mission to identify, train members of village groups, supervise, manage and publish relevant information on the web to join the international community as well as an online one village group with the primary role of establishing a source of important information.