· February, 2013

Proposals in Other from February, 2013

February 28, 2013

Ethiopia: Sharing Stories to Inspire Girls and Women

This project will support female students in the target locality to end harmful traditional practices. In Ethiopia in general and Dukem locality in particular, access to the internet is insignificant. The girls in the locality will share their experiences in fighting harmful traditional practices through school mini media and local community radios. ICEDA will translate and upload the recorded audios to the national and international literates.

Colombia: Ebookteca

In the municipality of Ariguaní believe it started in the middle of the War of a Thousand Days. While the few indigenous Chimilas, community fought against the Spanish and Creole, are not recognized as great fighters and rulers of the territory. The two populations live in separate worlds. This is an opportunity to rebuild the historical memory of a region marked by wars. Narrate through vallenato music and orality. All eBooks will be published.

Romania: More Voices, Louder Voices – Empowered Voices

What? The scope of the project is to empower individuals with mental illness so that they are more willing and more able to fight stigma. How? To meet this aim, we propose to build an online platform and to train individuals with mental illness and their caregivers to generate content for the platform by: (1) showcasing the stigma trap; (2) telling their own story in words; (3) telling their own story in pictures.

Uganda: Self-help Foundation for PWDs’ Rehabilitation

This project seeks to train all students between the age of 12 to 25 with hearing and vision losses in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality with relevant vocational trainings and workshops aimed towards empowering them on how to use digital video and essential computer programmes and applications like micro- soft word, video / audio editing and internet to enable them create a group blog to share and document life in their communities

February 27, 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Community Radio OPEN NETWORK

As the very first community-based and not-run-for-profit radio in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Community Radio OPEN NETWORK has been designed to provide a channel that will allow the voice of the socially vulnerable population and the civil society to be heard. One of its main aims is to do fundraising humanitarian activities on the radio shows for the ill citizens that require very expensive treatment abroad, and thus is in need of support.

Cameroon: Mbororo Community Voices

This project will offer trainning on ICT and Internet to equip participants with the knowledge and abilities of using the different online communication tools by creating websites, facebook accounts, twitter and the rest for sharing information and connecting to the wide world. Participants will then use the knowldge to carry out Advocacy campaigns on the different networks to bring changes in their communities.

India: Empowering the Voice of Children in Hyderabad

Youth will be empowered to speak out for themselves, using music and media technology, on the safety and protection issues faced by vulnerable children in Hyderabad, as part of Viva’s ‘safe place for children’ campaign. 15 youth (13-18 yrs) and 3 adult facilitators from the Blossom Network will form a media team, be equipped with a Community Studio, and attend 2 Train the Trainer workshops. The team will train another 35 youth.

Honduras: Good News Blog

Honduras are one the most violent county in the world We want to do a blog, where positive histories are published in Audio and on video, histories of common persons who have triumphed in the life, and who have managed to overcome barriers against of the adversities, which use as inspiration to the Honduran youth, which they give us a lesson of life, Honduras presents this difficult economic crisis, besides the constant harassment of the violence

Bangladesh: Blogger Training for Human Rights

LEGAL AID CENTER AND FOUNDATION has been campaigning about the GENDER BASED VIOLENCE AND TO CREATE AWARENESS among the general public. RAPE INSIDE THE BUS in INDIA has brought these issues in light. In Bangladesh, rape has become daily affairs and people are not getting any justice. We want to train youths regarding these affairs so that Learned Youth Groups are blogging and they know to how to blog for these Human Rights issue for awareness

February 26, 2013

Kenya: Watch This Space

Slum communities in Kenya are largely inhabited by low income earners, a good number of whom are either illiterate, partly educated or lacking in skills. These communities are marginalized not only by the society they are part of but also authorities who only remember them in times of tragedies. Our project will train slum residents how to tell their stories through video and pictures and share the same with the world through the social media.