· January, 2008

Stories about Tools from January, 2008

The Paniagua Band

  30 January 2008

One thing you'll notice immediately if you visit the outlying community of La Loma in Medellín, Colombia is that nearly the entire community has the same three or four last names. One of the most common is "Paniagua" - the mythical origin of which is explained in the above video by blogger and talented musician Dneiber Sady.

Rayones by Jorge Jurado

  30 January 2008

Vandalism or a legitimate form of cultural expression? Is tagging a form of visual contamination or does the writing on the wall tell us something more about the communities we live in? Jorge Jurado meditates on the significance and motivation behind the words on the walls in La Loma, Medellin, Colombia.

Voces Bolivianas Featured on BBC's The World

  25 January 2008

Voces Bolivianas, one of the first five recipients of a Rising Voices citizen media outreach award, was featured yesterday on the BBC program, The World. In the four minute feature Ruxandra Guidi interviews project facilitator Mario Duran and Voces Bolivianas participant and Aymara translator, Dora Romero. Congratulations Voces Bolivianas for...

Social Media Outreach: Non-Profits are the Key

  21 January 2008

We often talk about extending the global conversation to every corner of the world with the available social media tools. The not-for-profit organizations, or the NGOs as they are known in some parts of the world, have a wider influence on the population of the developing countries. These non profit organizations have the capacity to use this technology in an wider scale and create a communication revolution among the people they serve.