· May, 2008

Stories about Tools from May, 2008

Carmen Paniagua from HiperBarrio

  23 May 2008

Today's video features Carmen Paniagua, the lyrical poet and songwriter of HiperBarrio. Carmen is incredibly shy, especially behind the lens of a camera, but her eyes and ears are always observing, keen observations about herself and her community which make their way into each of her poems and posts published frequently on her blog, Baúl de Letras. Carmen is also one of the authors of Nunca Será Suficiente, a group blog novel.

Working with photos in your blog

  15 May 2008

While most of the posts on Rising Voices cover the latest achievements of our grantee projects, we also want to offer readers hands-on tips to make citizen media easier to create in the developing world. As the saying goes, a photo can speak a thousands words. In this post we'll review some new online tools that make editing images and sharing them online easy and fun.

[Video] Dhaka's Slums

  3 May 2008

Nari Jibon's team of bloggers take us on a tour of Dhaka's slums, describing how it is that Bangladeshis live in some of the very poorest parts of the capital city. Because the sub-titles pass by so quickly, I will transcribe them here.

[Video] Ankarihary- Lake of Shame

  1 May 2008

FOKO blogger and United Nations Club member Patricia exposes pollution at Lake Ankarihary near downtown Antananarivo. The video was submitted to MySpace's Film Your Issue contest.