· April, 2008

Stories about Tools from April, 2008

[Video] Dominique, the Street Kid

  28 April 2008

FOKO blogger and United Nations Clum member Nombana produced this short documentary on Dominique, a street beggar in Antananarivo. The video was submitted to MySpace's Film Your Issue contest.

[Video] First Day of Spring

  28 April 2008

Taslima Akter, Sherin Sultana, and fellow bloggers from the Nari Jibon project take us on a tour of Dhaka University during celebrations for the first day of spring.

[Video] Iran Inside Out Trailer

  19 April 2008

Shaghayegh Azimi offers a preview of what we can soon expect from Iran Inside Out, an outreach project which partners Iranian videobloggers with local film clubs in Iran to identify aspiring young filmmakers and teach them how to distribute their works online.

Video as a citizen media tool

  10 April 2008

Online video is revolutionizing how people in the developed world inform themselves and participate in their communities. In the developing world, however, obstacles including slow internet access and a lack of translated tutorials have meant a slow uptake of online video. Rezwan describes how two projects in Bangladesh and India are overcoming the challenges to publish locally produced video online.

[Podcast] Bolivian Voices Day

  10 April 2008

On April 19, at eight different sites throughout six Bolivian cities, Voces Bolivianas will host Bolivian Voices Day, a one-day synchronized event that will train dozens of Bolivians how to start their own blogs and participate in both the national and global online conversations. In this podcast with Voces Bolivianas founder, Eduardo Ávila, we hear about the closing ceremony of the workshop series in Santa Cruz as well as why Voces Bolivianas decided to organize a one-day training at various sites around the country.

[Video] A Little of the City of El Alto

  6 April 2008

Juana Tambo is a participant of Voces Bolivianas citizen media outreach project in El Alto, Bolivia. With the help of trainer Mario Duran, she made this video explaining a bit of the history behind El Alto's largest public market.

Mialy Andriamananjara Discusses Foko

  2 April 2008

A couple weeks ago we spoke with Lova Rakotomalala, one of the four coordinators of the FOKO Madagascar blog outreach program. This week we feature a video interview with Lova’s blog outreach partner in crime, Mialy Andriamananjara.