· October, 2011

Stories about Tools from October, 2011

Amadeyr Cloud: Bridging The Illiteracy Wall

  25 October 2011

An ambitious project has started in Bangladesh combining two popular concepts - cloud based computing, and multimedia contents in interactive tablet PCs. Amadeyr Cloud Limited (ACL) is the brainchild of four individuals who believe that being illiterate doesn’t mean that one should be uninformed as well.

Languages: Phil Cash Cash and Nez Perce

  6 October 2011

Phil Cash Cash is a linguist and a member of the Weyiiletpu (Cayuse) and Nuumiipuu (Nez Perce) Indigenous tribes of North America. He is also especially passionate about using the web 2.0 to preserve and revitalize the Nez Perce language, of which he estimates only 20-25 fluent speakers remain.