Stories about Blind Dates

Rising Voices Year in Review 2011

  2 January 2012

Rising Voices looks back at some of the highlights from our work in 2011, including welcoming new grantees, forging new partnerships, and organizing citizen media outreach events. We would also like to thank all those that accompany us on our mission of working towards a global online space much more representative with greater participation by all.

Blind Dates: The Sounds of Web Radio in Thessaloniki

  4 December 2011

Blind Dates Radio is a web radio station ran by members of the blind community in Thessaloniki. In addition to providing an opportunity to share their favorite music, the radio producers are able to interact with their listeners via a chat widget on their site. There are plans to add news programming in the form of recorded audio podcasts where they will discuss issues facing the blind community in Northern Greece.

Blind Dates: Goalball and Gardening

  8 September 2011

What is a typical day for a blind resident in Thessaloniki, Greece? The new bloggers of the Blind Dates project have been writing posts about some of the new ways technology has been helping them, as well as how they spend their free time with hobbies like gardening and practicing sports like goalball.

Blind Dates: Meet Blogger Stefanos Tokatlidis

  15 May 2011

Current blogger Stefanos Tokatlidis will play an important role in the implementation of the RV grantee project Blind Dates in Northern Greece. Not only is Stefanos an experienced blogger, who uses a screen reader to publish to his blog, but will help lead the workshops and be a positive resource for his fellow blind students.

Introduction to the Blind Dates Project in Thessaloniki

  9 May 2011

The new Rising Voices grantee "Blind Dates" in Thessaloniki will help provide the opportunity for the participants to speak up for themselves, and help others better understand about the daily challenges, as well as the successes, that the blind community faces in Northern Greece.

Announcing the Newest Rising Voices Grantees

  3 April 2011

Rising Voices is pleased to announce the five newest members to join its global community of citizen media grantees. Each of the selected projects will receive microgrants to implement their proposed project to teach others how to use various citizen media tools. Please join RV in congratulating and welcoming the five projects from the countries of Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Brazil, India, and Mali.