Stories about Blogging Positively

Blogging Positively: Turning the Tide at AIDS 2012

27 August 2012

The global AIDS community recently met in Washington, DC on July 22-27, 2012 for AIDS 2012: Turning the Tide Together, with a clearer sense that the end of the AIDS epidemic is possible. Maureen Agena from Uganda recently represented RV at the Conference to cover some of the people and projects using citizen media for a positive impact related to this pressing health issue.

Rising Voices Year in Review 2011

  2 January 2012

Rising Voices looks back at some of the highlights from our work in 2011, including welcoming new grantees, forging new partnerships, and organizing citizen media outreach events. We would also like to thank all those that accompany us on our mission of working towards a global online space much more representative with greater participation by all.

Ukraine: Taking to the Web to Raise Funds and Awareness

  26 December 2011

The Elena Pinchuk AINTIAIDS Foundation in Ukraine has come up with creative ideas aimed on rising awareness on HIV/AIDS issues, as well to raise to help people living with HIV/AIDS. These innovative charity events are mostly web-based and involve partnership with Ukrainian online services utilizing social networks to reach more people.

Blogging Positively: Observing World AIDS Day Via Tweets

  4 December 2011

On December 1, 2011 Rising Voices invited global users to tweet about how World AIDS Day is being commemorated in different communities. Rising Voices recommended use of the hashtag #BlogPos and #WAD11 and encouraged tweets in any language mentioning the country. In this post we look at some of the Tweets on World Aids Day across the world.

Blogging Positively: Tweeting World AIDS Day 2011

  30 November 2011

Please join Rising Voices' "Blogging Positively" community to share on Twitter how your local community is observing World AIDS Day on December 1. We invite you to use the hashtags #BlogPos and #WAD11 to help provide a global snapshot about this day of commemoration.

Blogging Positively: The Challenge of Fighting Stigma in Egypt

  21 October 2011

Studies estimate that about 11,000 Egyptians are living with HIV, but that number could be much higher based on the fact that so many do not get tested or seek treatment based on the high degree of stigma against the disease. Ahmed Awadalla, a blogger with the Rising Voices grantee project Exploring Taboos wrote about “the price of stigma” in Egypt.

Blogging Positively: Maurine and Her Activism with Repacted

  27 April 2011

Longtime Rising Voices grantee Repacted from Nakuru, Kenya continues its work in surrounding communities using magnet theater as a way to engage the community, and youth especially, through dramatic interpretations that present real-life situations involving health issues such as HIV/AIDS and TB. One of these team members, Maurine, was recently interviewed about her work and how Repacted has helped her tell her story.

Blogging Positively Guide Now Available in Swahili

  21 April 2011

Rising Voices is pleased to announce that our Blogging Positively Guide is now available in the Swahili Language, thanks to the efforts of Collins Oduor from the grantee project Repacted, with special contributions by Deogratis Simba from Global Voices in Swahili.

Blogging Positively: Interview with Blogger Leah Okeyo

  2 March 2011

We recently interviewed blogger Leah Okeyo about her firsthand experiences about the importance of using citizen media to discuss the topic of HIV/AIDS in Kenya. She has been active in the Blogging Positively initiative, and is a correspondent for the World Pulse project.

Blogging Positively: Young Positives Speak Out

  17 February 2011

The challenge of helping reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS is often on the shoulders of young people across the world. A group of "young positives" who are HIV positive are beginning to use citizen media to tell their own stories as a way to educate others.