· March, 2013

Proposals in Colombia from March, 2013

March 29, 2013

Finalist – Colombia: Hearing Stories in Our Own Tongue (Wayuunaiki)

The project's aim is to make traditional knowledge, values, and Wayuu cultural identity available and widespread, to strengthen unity and social capital in the Guajira communities of northern Colombia. It will do so through workshops and training that will grant the Wayuu community the tools to prepare, produce and broadcast (podcast) a series of traditional folk tales in their own language to be part of their local community radio programming. The project is developed with the grassroots indigenous organization Wayuu Araurayu which have a local radio station “Jujunula Makuira”.

March 5, 2013

Colombia: There is Culture

To contribute to the exercise of communication rights and the culture of Afro-Cartagenian women and men and their social organizations, which are located in popular urban sectors in Cartagena (Colombia). By working with a website under the name “There is culture”, where we will mainly collect and disseminate their products, knowledge, culture, and communications.

March 3, 2013

Colombia: Luis Adriano Montoya Jimenez

In rural areas in the mountains where the rivers begin, there is a danger that they will disappear due to the lack of communication. The Foundation is dedicated to work with climate change, but nothing can be done without communication. We are proposing a project with strategic sites with mobile internet so that the peasant can receive information on how we should protect the environment. We will train them so that we can say how it benefits us.

March 2, 2013

Colombia: La Toma Roots

Recover the historical memory of the community Afro Colombian La Toma, in the department of Cauca. Empowering young people of the community in the use and appropriation of digital communication tools that allow them to present their cultural and ancestral heritage. We define three processes: 1. Collect information on the community through interviews and documents 2. Curated information 3. Publication and dissemination of knowledge

Colombia: Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development

The initiative is focused on the preservation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and to use it effectively in promoting sustainable land use of the riverine landscape. This microgrant perfectly fits in to facilitate a training in digital media to amplify the use of TEK in community-based ecotourism and to promote their sustainable entrepreneurship on the internet. After the training, the people learn by doing throughout the project.

Colombia: Systems Lab for Indigenous Resguardo

To acquire equipment for the systems lab for practice and the use of ICT technology working with children and teenagers of the Indigenous Resguardo of Rionegro in the Iquira Municipality, Huila Department, Colombia with the goal of the search and development of their potential in the use and control in the use of ICTs that allow to be at the same level with the rest of the world and the use of free time.

Colombia: Construction of Historical Memory

We seek to bring together a group of children in the municipality of Cajamarca leaders who can advance inquiry activities and sensitization of what it has meant and continues to mean for children Colombian armed conflict. Our initial goal is to make visible the voices of children who have been direct or indirect victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.

Colombia: Voices and Imagery of a Generation

It is a proposal where children and grandparents of our locality tell us, remember us and show us as they hope to live in this town where they weave so many stories, where the voices of old men and children marry themselves to reflect his point of view be more than enough that is to live in this town and its contribution to the local development, through the radio.And the digital photo that the tool can be for putting together the historic line

March 1, 2013

Colombia: Children Sowers of Peace

90 children of San Bernardino schools and Carlos Alban Holguin will be formed in the audiovisual sphere, and develop awareness of the importance of living peacefully applying the five values of life in peace: respect, responsibility, tolerance, peace and justice in the development two audiovisual pieces: short film, and the diffusion of their experience to other 625 students in social networks and Youtube.

Colombia: My Life in Focus

The project is a photography and filmmaking education program for marginalized,displaced,trafficked and conflict-affected youth in Medellin, Colombia. Its main objective is to support young people to have their own, authentic voices be heard, improve their livelihoods, attain new skills, and create professional grade photography and documentaries, centered on their own stories, that can be used to educate and advocate around human rights issues