Proposals in Nepal

Nepal: Transcending Kulung's Voice as Human Pride

10 youths from Kulung community will be trained to create blog and upload their stories online. Kulung community is deprived of enjoying their rights to self-identity and by the virtue of that excluded in development process and decision making process. This will explore Kulung language, culture, history, ancestral land and territories, myths and their life style and connection to global community that make Kulung peoples a pride as human being

Nepal: Empower

The project intends to reduce stigma and discrimination amongst LGBTI in far western Nepal by providing technical support from Blue Diamond Society so that they could fight for the rights and have inclusive status in the region.

Nepal: E-Urja Chepang

‘E-Urja Chepang’ is the first online project of Chepang which aim is to develop true global conversation of Chepang Communities with rest of the world on the basis of culture and arts, citizen journalism and discussion forums. This project will use the web tools like blogging and social media networks which make them harness in their native language for truly outfitting the e- movement of Chepang.

Nepal: KARMA Canvoy

The silence cry of a indigenous women who gives birth to her first baby in jungle, seldom reaches in the ears of global media. The scattered stories are left uncared and unheard. My project is about Organizing a series of digital photography group walks where young girls from remote indigenous communities can document life in their community together and create an online Flickr photography exhibit.

Nepal: Voice of Senior Citizens

We started a monthly e-newsletter “Voice of Senior Citizens” in English in 2011 that shares information on status of 60+ population of Nepal with more than 3000 concerned organizations and individuals across the globe. In 2012 we started publication of three-monthly 50 page magazine “senior citizens” to inform Nepali readers about globally ongoing activities for senior citizens. We need support to continue these initiatives with improvements.