Proposals Nigeria from March, 2014

Nigeria: Our Culture Our Heritage (OCOH Project)

  March 25, 2014

The project is aimed at restoring and promoting the culture back to its original form through the use of citizen media With the innovation I intend to use the youth from the Efik community to realize and achieve the aim of the project Through the use of modern tools of communications. According to the Nigeria Education policy it is stated that the native language of a particular community should be used in teaching the learners to enhance effective comprehension of what is being taught ,it is the reverse in my locality.With the ocoh project our culture will be promoted.

Nigeria: Citizen Media for Peace Building in Kafanchan

  March 19, 2014

Communities around Kafanchan continue to be targets of ethnic/ religious conflicts that has destroyed lives and homes since 2011. Several Government-sponsored efforts do not seem to be achieving the desired results. The main perpetrators of the violence are armed youths on opposing sides while the bulk of the consequences are borne by women who have to look after the wounded, the dying and cope with the loss of loved ones. So far, there is no systematic video documentation that captures the stories of the women on both sides, who are bear the brunt of the violence