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November, 2018

Stories from November, 2018

Triumphing over distance and time: the case of Wireless Ghana

Wireless Ghana is an organization that responds to communites' requests for internet connectivity to help them break their isolation.

Women creating socially sustainable wireless community networks in India

The Digital Empowerment Foundation in India is training women “barefoot engineers” to provide opportunities for women to feel empowered to act in a field that they were previously restricted from...

Why localizing tech matters

"My mother tongue, Shona [...] isn’t very high on the “food chain” when it comes time to chose which languages are made available online..."

A snapshot of the #DecolonizeTheInternet conference

The Decolonize the Internet conference brought together a diverse group of activists, leaders, and advocates working towards knowledge equity on the internet.

A project in Nepal is documenting and sharing testimonials from the 10-year armed conflict

A project is sharing video, audio and photo testimonials from around Nepal -- paying homage to the memory of survivors, victims, and affected families of the conflict.