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November, 2013

Stories from November, 2013

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The Birth of Russia's Hackerspace Movement

  29 November 2013

neuron hackerspace in Moscow is leading the hackerspace movement in Russia. We spoke with neuron's founder about the possibilities for building community and innovation through hackerspaces, while also acting as a link to the country's past.

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Brazil: Citizen Journalism for Small Town Change

  22 November 2013

Amigos de Januária, a grantee project of Rising Voices in 2011, is a group of citizen journalists and activists who continue applying digital tools they used in a single workshop two years ago, to amplify local voices talking about change.

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The Amp #1 (Formerly the Roundup)

  22 November 2013

The Rising Voices Roundup is now THE AMP! Still bi-weekly, still full of great opportunities and blog summaries, still what you want to be reading every other week....

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Mapping for Niger Profile: Ali Douka Mahaman

  21 November 2013

Meet one of the participants in the Mapping for Niger project, Mahaman, who has gone from an early life of odd jobs to a masters' student in geography, using Open Street Map to help document his local community. "Technology" says Mahaman, "allows us to instantly discover horizons which our imaginations had never thought possible."

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We Take the Internet With Us, Wherever We Go

  19 November 2013

Recently presented with a satellite broadband terminal, Rising Voices will now be able to take the Internet into regions with little or no connectivity, opening up new opportunities and possibilities to teach and share online.

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Opening New Frontiers for Radio Los Inestables

  17 November 2013

Radio Los Inestables, the RV grantee project continues with its weekly audio workshops at the Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Córdoba, Argentina. Here some of the participants share their experiences learning new tools and citizen journalism techniques.

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Tweets2Rue: Making Homeless Connections

  13 November 2013

Because no one is better situated to speak about the problems of the homeless than the homeless themselves, a new project enables five of them to tweet their concerns, and their hopes, and their daily lives.

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Mapping for Niger Profile: Abdou Salam

  12 November 2013

Meet geography student Abdou Salam, one of the participants in the Mapping for Niger project. With the project, he's gone back to his hometown to map the major coordinates of the area and put them online with Open Street Map.

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The Toolbox: 16 New Ways for Story-making

  11 November 2013

Are you a visual person (and do you want to tell your story that way)? Or do you need to be alerted the next time a report comes out on the president of Moldova? Here are some new tools to help you research your next story, and new platforms (like timelines and interactive images) for easily and clearly presenting information.

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Mapping for Niger Profiles: Fatiman Alher

  8 November 2013

Meet one of the participants in the Mapping for Niger project, Fatiman, who has developed practical digital skills and applies these to her geography studies. The digital cartography, she says, helps her to learn about visualising information.