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March, 2009

Stories from March, 2009

23 March 2009

Introductory Video to Ceasefire Liberia

Just west of Ivory Coast lies Liberia and its roughly 3.5 million inhabitants. Settled by free slaves from the United States in the early 19th century, Liberia fell into a...

22 March 2009

Serbian Web Journalism School: Second Batch Completed

Rising Voices grantee Serbian Web Journalism School continued to impart interesting and innovative digital media trainings to budding web journalists of Serbia. Their second batch of participants completed their final...

18 March 2009

Meet Liberia's Newest Bloggers

Last October nine Liberian journalists learned how to blog at a workshop at the American Embassy in Monrovia. I am now back in Monrovia with Kathleen Flynn and Ken Harper...

16 March 2009

Rising Voices Welcomes New Grantee from Central Asia

Rising Voices is supporting a new citizen media development project: Public Fund "Mental Health," located in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Their main work involves providing psychological support to HIV-positive...

15 March 2009

FOKO: Reporting The Truth Without Fear

FOKO bloggers continues to be at the forefront of the coverage of the current political crisis in Madagascar overcoming the challenges of costly internet connections. Many of them are taking...

11 March 2009

Hiperbarrio: Bringing La Loma To The World

The decision to revamp the activities of the Hiperbarrio project had paid off as we see that regular blog posts from the members were published to describe stories of their...

10 March 2009

Blogging the Dream: Theory Into Practice

The Orizonturi Foundation’s “Blogging the Dream” project is well into its hands-on practicum phase, and some participant blogs are already up and running.

9 March 2009

Proper Medication: A Step Towards A Normal Life

Pavel Kutsev, leader of the Ukrainian organization Drop-In Center, calls for the introduction of a new medication for substitution therapy programs, since the drug currently being used doesn't help patients...

New Citizen Media Projects Foster Rising Voices in Ivory Coast, Liberia, China, Mongolia, and Yemen

Of the 270 project proposals we received from activists, bloggers, and NGO's all wanting to use citizen media tools to bring new communities - long ignored by both traditional and...

8 March 2009

How (and how not) to teach blogging

Heather Ford, co-founder of the African Commons Project, was recently in Durban, South Africa to facilitate a followup workshop with the Muthande Society for the Aged. She summarizes the lessons...

3 March 2009

Nari Jibon: Welcoming Spring

Nari Jibon bloggers from Bangladesh are eager to portray their country and culture to the world. They have arranged a cultural program consisting of traditional songs, dance and recitation of...