July, 2012

Stories from July, 2012

Languages: Crowd-Sourced Online Nouchi Dictionary

  30 July 2012

Nouchi started out as a street slang used by disenfranchised youths in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, but has since gained prominence and even given rise to a writing system. A project has taken on the task of putting together a crowdsourced online dictionary for the language where speakers of this language can contribute through apps or their Facebook profile.

Kibera: Putting Marginalized Communities On The Map

  22 July 2012

During the Global Voices visit to Map Kibera in Kenya, Leila Nachawati met with local community leaders and activists from the Map Kibera Trust, which work on raising awareness about the needs of Kibera population through the use of video and social media. Here is her account of the visit.

Kibera: “Kenya Needs Political Leaders not Dealers”

  19 July 2012

Continuing the series on citizen journalism posts from Global Voices collaboration with Map Kibera, Kevin Rennie talks to two local residents that are committed to seeing the post-election violence does not repeat itself for the next round of Kenyan elections.

Languages: The Nahuatl Word of the Day on Twitter

  12 July 2012

Sergio Avila has taken to Twitter to post a "Nahuatl Word of the Day" as a way to teach and to interact with other up and coming learners of this indigenous language spoken throughout Mexico and other countries in Central America. New contributing author Cynthia Aguilar recently interviewed Sergio in the Nahuatl language about his work using citizen media to promote the use of Nahuatl.

Kibera: Power Women Challenging HIV Stigma

  10 July 2012

As a part of the journey to the Kibera neighborhood in Nairobi by the Global Voices Community members, a small group met with a group of HIV-positive women whose daily activities include advocacy about HIV/AIDS and sexual health to the people in the slum. Ahmed Awadalla and Rayna St. report.

Mapping Kibera – A Visit To Nairobi's Slums

  9 July 2012

On the July 1, 2012, a groups of Global Voices members went to the neighborhoods of Kibera, in Kenya to meet members of Map Kibera and learn about their work. After receiving a detailed briefing of the ‘Map Kibera' project, the group of Global Voices bloggers and translators split into groups of twos and threes and ventured into the Kibera neighborhood to explore different issues. Here is a report prepared by Salman Latif from Pakistan.

Citizen Journalism with Map Kibera During GV Summit

  7 July 2012

As part of the activities of the recent Global Voices Citizen Media Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya on July 2-3, Rising Voices partnered with the local organization Map Kibera Trust to bring together groups from both communities to share experiences and to participate in a joint citizen journalism activity.