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February, 2009

Stories from February, 2009

Voces Bolivianas: Blogging A Summit And A Referendum

The recently concluded Voces Bolivianas summit at Cochabamba, Bolivia titled “Web 2.0 for Everyone” was a success. Some of the participants have blogged about their experience. Voces Bolivianas members also...

First Steps to a National Association of Substitution Therapy Receivers

At the end of January twelve activists representing the drug users’ community met in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, to set up a brand new organization - the National Association of Substitution Therapy...

Serbian Web Journalism School: Learning Web 2.0 Skills

Web journalism is more than just publishing some news on the web. The journalists have a wider scope to attract interest of the readers and add real value to their...

AIDS Rights Congo: Using Technology to Fight Gender Violence

In late November the AZUR Development organization’s AIDS Rights Congo project participated in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign, using blogs, cell phones, and radio broadcasts to...

HiperBarrio Gets Its Groove Back

After a slow couple months the members of HiperBarrio have come up with a plan to inject some enthusiasm and inspiration back into the group and its production of new...

Ukraine: The Best Drug for Harm Reduction Programs?

Ukrainian blogger depo3p, who leads the nonprofit organization Drop-in Center, debates whether the Ukraine is using the most effective medication for substitution therapy programs for opiate drug users.

“Web 2.0 for Everyone” Reinvigorates Bolivia's Digerati

Despite Bolivia's low internet penetration (among the lowest in Latin America at 4.4% compared to neighboring Chile's 36.1%, according to El Deber), the citizen media project and Rising Voices grantee...