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November, 2019

Stories from November, 2019

11 November 2019

Meet Ramzy Muliawan, the host of the @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account for Nov 12 – 18, 2019

Read this Q&A with Mulihay Talus, the host of @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account during Nov 12 - 18, 2019. He will be sharing about her efforts in preserving and digitising the...

8 November 2019

Community networks and local access monthly newsletter – number 23

The October 2019 newsletter is part of the project titled, “Local Access Networks: Can the unconnected connect themselves?” developed by APC in partnership with Internet Society and Rhizomática.

RV Newsletter: How to unroll Twitter threads for easier reading

The Rising Voices newsletter provides links to opportunities related to digital inclusion including access and adoption of digital tools, as well as different ways for communities to fully participate online.

5 November 2019

Meet Tuhi Martukaw (Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien), the host of the @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account for November 5-11, 2019

Read this Q&A with Tuhi Martukaw (Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien, the host of @AsiaLangsOnline Twitter account during Nov. 5-11, 2019. She will be talking about the Pinuyumayan language.

1 November 2019

The story behind “El árbol del amor,” an animated documentary from Colombia’s indigenous Nasa community

The animated film "The Tree of Love" shares stories constructed from testimonies from former child combatants and young survivors of conflict in an indigenous Nasa reservation in Cauca, Colombia.