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Quechua: Words of Encouragement from the Haquira Mayor

  26 April 2012

When Irma Alvarez Ccoscco, coordinator of the new Rising Voices grantee project Llaqtaypa Riymaynin (Voices of my Community) returned to her hometown of Haquira, Peru, she received an overwhelming display of support from the town's residents and local authorities after informing them that her project is moving forward.

Paraguay: Citizen Media Workshops with Aché Communities

  24 April 2012

The first workshops for the 2012 class of Rising Voices grantee projects are soon to be underway. In Paraguay, the project Ache djawu/palabra Aché (The Aché Word) has announced on their project blog that its first activities are scheduled for April 28 with the selection of seven young leaders from six Aché communities to take part in a set of intensive citizen media workshops in Asunción.

Languages: The Digital Sounds of Bésiro (Chiquitano)

  22 April 2012

A group of linguists in Santa Cruz, Bolivia recently started a project called Monkox Bésiro as a way to revitalize the Bésiro (Chiquitano) language through the use of digital citizen media tools. In addition to creating Twitter and Facebook accounts to encourage participation among their community, they have been utilizing audio podcasts to share the sounds of this native language.

Guinea-Bissau: A Better Place to Go Online

  16 April 2012

High quality internet connections are hard to come by in Guinea-Bissau. Through a partnership with various local NGOs, the CENATIC internet center is providing access to organizations and individuals interested in connecting with the global conversation.

Guinea-Bissau: A Photograph of the Photographer

  3 April 2012

A photograph of Ampote Mango, a participant of RV's grantee project in Guinea-Bissau, was recently selected to be included in an exhibit at the newly-inaugurated Casa dos Direitos in the capital city of Bissau. The photograph taken during an outing as part of a workshop, captures the power of citizen media for women to tell their own stories.