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Laila Le Guen

For a girl with a passion for words and language(s), it was only natural to fall in love with Africa. I am based in Nairobi (Kenya) where I spend much of my spare time exploring issues related to African languages in contemporary society.
When I am not sharing thoughts on my blog , I can be found translating for the French edition of Global Voices Online.

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Latest posts by Laila Le Guen

30 August 2012

Languages: Translating Health Content Without Borders

A recently study showed that 63% of African translators believed greater access to translated information could have saved the life of a friend or family member. Translators Without Borders has...

30 July 2012

Languages: Crowd-Sourced Online Nouchi Dictionary

Nouchi started out as a street slang used by disenfranchised youths in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, but has since gained prominence and even given rise to a writing system. A...