Stories about Iran Inside Out

Online Filmmakers Offer New Glimpses of Iran

  16 December 2008

Despite several unforeseen hurdles, Iran Inside Out has launched an impressive website and published two videos by Iranian filmmakers showing Tehran's underground heavy metal scene and reflecting on the prospects of peace for the country's youngest generation.

[Video] Iran Inside Out Trailer

  19 April 2008

Shaghayegh Azimi offers a preview of what we can soon expect from Iran Inside Out, an outreach project which partners Iranian videobloggers with local film clubs in Iran to identify aspiring young filmmakers and teach them how to distribute their works online.

Introducing Iran Inside Out

  18 April 2008

Shaghayegh Azimi is the epitome of what is often referred to on Global Voices as a "bridge-blogger"; that is, someone who uses their weblog to bridge two or more cultures. There is only one catch - Azimi isn't really a blogger; her passion, rather, lies in video. Her project, Iran Inside Out, is a window of moving images that will allow those living outside the country to point their video cameras and share their lives with the rest of the world.