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I Hear Dee

,   March 17, 2024

The "I Hear Dee" project, led by a linguist and native speakers, documents and promotes Shaetlan, an endangered mixed language in Shetland, across several digital platforms.

Talking Planet Mi'kmaw

,   February 1, 2024

Animated series available on YouTube that follows the adventures of Mimi, Pip and Momo, designed for young language learners of the Mi'kmaw language of Nova Scotia, Canada.


,   January 6, 2024

Talongokeno is a blog focusing on Kikongo-Tsilaadi and Kikongo-Civili, aiming to provide a rare spotlight on their grammar, vocabulary, and conjugation for diaspora and local readers on social media.

BASAsulsel Wiki

,   September 23, 2023

BASAsulsel Wiki, part of the BASAibu Wiki network, serves South Sulawesi, Indonesia, promoting the Buginese and Makassaresel languages and community engagement. It empowers users to shape content and discuss civic issues.

Luh Ayu Manik Mas

,   September 23, 2023

The Luh Ayu Manik Mas project, featuring a Balinese cartoon superhero from Indonesia, promoting environmental awareness and the Balinese language through a crowd-sourced storytelling and tri-lingual book production.

Sakiraaɓe Media

,   September 19, 2023

Created by young undergraduates from Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria, the project is dedicated to preserving Fulfulde through creative media and social platforms, fostering awareness and language sustainability.


,   September 10, 2023

The Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre (MICEC) utilized TikTok during the pandemic to connect with their community, sharing cultural content in the Indigenous languages of Nēhinawēwin (Swampy Cree) and Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe).

BASAbali Wiki

,   September 10, 2023

The initiative BASABali encourages local civic participation by youth and the use of the Balinese language of Indonesia via a community platform with a dictionary, word games, and community spaces.


,   September 7, 2023

Brezhoweb, an online Breton TV channel since 2006, offers diverse, quality content, collaborates, and uses numerous social media platforms to promote the Breton language spoken in Brittany, France.

Bien Chabacano

,   September 3, 2023

The blog Bien Chabacano delves into the history of the Chabacano language spoken in the Philippines and aims to revitalize it among younger speakers. Herrera also translated "Le Petit Prince" into Chabacano in 2018.

Storyweaver in Bikol

,   September 1, 2023

Read, translate or remix freely licensed children's books into the Bikol (Central) language of the Philippines through the open-source StoryWeaver digital platform that offers tools for translation and storybook creation.

Angika Wikipedia

,   August 30, 2023

After a decade in incubation, the Angika-language Wikipedia merged as a full site on March 22, 2023. Despite challenges, it now offers over 1600 articles, providing Angika speakers access to diverse knowledge, including local customs.

Shagz Chronicles

,   August 30, 2023

A Kikuyu-language podcast project revisits the 1990s, exploring rural Kenyan childhood memories, aiming to revive appreciation for Kikuyu language and culture, especially among the diaspora.

Ghanaian Pidgin Wikipedia

,   August 30, 2023

Starting in 2021, a project aimed to create a Ghanaian Pidgin Wikipedia. By 2023, the volunteer-driven initiative powered by the Ghanaian Pidgin Wikimedians Community launched, recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Speak Ekpeye Fluently

,   August 29, 2023

The Speak Ekpeye Fluently initiative uses digital platforms to preserve and promote the Ekpeye language through teaching, documentation, virtual tutorials, dialect harmonization, resources, curriculum development, and cultural forums.