Stories about Nomad Green

Greencore: Highlighting Mongolian Voices On Environmental Degradation

  26 February 2012 is an NGO from Mongolia which conducted a survey in Matad soum of Dornod Aimag between April to October 2011. The project engaged local people who participated in filling out CRC (Citizen Report Cards) which contained 13 questions on how they think about the environmental degradation in this area. Their reports were primarily shared in their blog which is in Mongolian language.

Nomad Green: Concerns On Ulaanbaatar

12 January 2012

The environmental citizen journalists of Nomad Green are voicing their opinions on issues surrounding the degrading environment in Mongolia. The articles are originally posted in Mongolian language and some of them are being translated in Chinese and English. In this roundup we check some of the recent updates on the Nomad Green Website.

Nomad Green: More Awareness On Preserving The environment Required

  18 December 2011

Deforestation, rapid urbanization, exploiting natural resources, deteriorating air quality are some the threats Mongolia face these days. The citizen journalists of Nomad Green, the Rising Voices Grantee in Mongolia are writing about these issue raising concerns and providing suggestions to stop degradation of the environment.

Nomad Green: Essay Competition On Air Pollution

  17 April 2011

Nomad Green, the Rising Voices grantee from Mongolia encourages citizen journalists to report about the degradation of environment in the country. From 1st of January 2011 Nomad Green launched an essay competition to reward the deserving citizen journalist and contributors. There are five winners of the essay competition in the first two months which had the theme - ‘Air pollution’.

Rising Voices: 2010 In Review

  31 December 2010

2010 was an eventful year for Rising Voices and its community. The community bade farewell to the outgoing Director of Outreach, David Sasaki and welcomed the new Director Eduardo Ávila. In this post we look at some of the notable news of the grantees community we featured in the Rising Voices website in 2010.

Nomad Green: Mongolia On The Brink Of Eco-Catastrophe

28 December 2010

The citizen journalists of Nomad Green are trying to raise awareness about the environmental degradation in their country targeting the Mongolian citizens and the global readers. They are reporting how the global warming and man made threats to environment can bring eco-catastrophe in Mongolia.

[Video] Interview with Olzod Boum-Yalagch of Nomad Green

  25 October 2010

Olzod Boum-Yalagch is an official advisor of Nomad Green, the Mongolian citizen journalism project based in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. In this video, Mr. Boum talks about how citizen journalism can help raise awareness and eventually lead to solutions for the environmental damage taking place in the country.

Nomad Green: Saturday Roundtable Discussions

  18 October 2010

An added component to the Nomad Green Saturday workshops is the presence of a local community leader who accepted the project's invitation to be interviewed by the citizen journalists and participate in a roundtable discussion. Recent guests include the former Finance Minister of Mongolia and the Executive Director of the Mongolian National Mining Association.

Nomad Green: Thinking Beyond Mining in Mongolia

  6 October 2010

In the past two decades investment in mining sector in Mongolia has risen manifolds. It seems every other country is interested to extract mineral resources from Mongolia by all means necessary. But these extreme mining and other practices have created many environmental problems in Mongolia. The citizen journalists of Nomad Green discuss these issues.

Nomad Green: Why The Mongolian ‘Ninjas’ Keep On Digging?

  2 September 2010

The Mongolian gold rush has not only made a fortune for the mining companies, it has also changed some of the lives of the Mongolian poorest. Thousands of people, called the “Ninjas” (artisan miners), have left home to take up digging and sifting for gold full-time. Their digging at the start of river is destroying and poisoning the source of water which causes in the evaporation of river. Citizen journalists of Nomad Green have an exclusive report from the field.

Nomad Green: More Workshops in Mörön, Khatgal and Ulaanbaatar

  5 August 2010

Nomad Green, the Rising Voices grantee in Mongolia, arranged workshops in the North Eastern Khövsgöl Province. The region is well-known for its natural beauty and Lake Khövsgöl is one of Mongolia's major tourist attractions. On 3rd of July the team came back to the capital Ulaanbaatar to conduct a special workshop for children which was organized by students of National Taiwan University.

Nomad Green: Mongolian Citizen Journalists Visit Taiwan

  31 May 2010

Nine citizen journalists from Nomad Green, the Rising Voices grantee in Mongolia recently visited Taiwan to learn more about Taiwan's social and environmental issues and local cultures and receive citizen media training. They also interacted with Taiwanese citizen media contributors, activists, environmentalists, and the Mongolian community in Taiwan.