Stories about Ceasefire Liberia

Rising Voices: 2010 In Review

  31 December 2010

2010 was an eventful year for Rising Voices and its community. The community bade farewell to the outgoing Director of Outreach, David Sasaki and welcomed the new Director Eduardo Ávila. In this post we look at some of the notable news of the grantees community we featured in the Rising Voices website in 2010.

Ceasefire Liberia: Thoughts On The 163rd Independence Day Of Liberia

  22 August 2010

Africa's oldest republic Liberia celebrated its 163rd Independence anniversary last month (July 26, 2010) and it is disheartening to see that after all these years Liberia is still is a developing country with all its challenges. The citizen journalists of Rising Voices grantee Ceasefire Liberia are doing their parts in addressing the problems Liberia is facing by providing news and information on the anomalies in the society and the government.

Ceasefire Liberia: New Milestones

  5 June 2010

Ceasefire Liberia project turned one year old recently and had reached new milestones. "We have formed partnerships with other fantastic organizations, we’ve been profiled a number of times in the media, we have raised friends, recruited bloggers and even were in Santiago, Chile earlier this month for the Global Voices Citizen Media summit," informs Ruthie Ackerman, the project leader.

Ceasefire Liberia: Getting Up Close And Personal With The Bloggers

  25 April 2010

Thanks to some recent interviews we can learn more about some of the bloggers of Ceasefire Liberia, a grantee of Rising Voices, and their works. According to journalist cum blogger NatNyuan-Bayjay, the work of the Ceasefire Liberia bloggers is “helping shine a light on some of the social, political, and development problems that Liberia's young population are facing.”

Featured Blogger: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay

  5 April 2010

"Nat's work changes lives in Liberia and beyond and is a constant reminder to me of why citizen media is important," is how Ruthie Ackerman, the founder of Ceasefire Liberia describes the work of Nat Nyuan-Bayjay, the project's blog manager. Nat will be on hand at the Global Voices Summit in Santiago, Chile on May 6 & 7 to share about his work.

Ceasefire Liberia: Reporting The Lofa Crisis

  15 March 2010

Liberia has recently seen some more violence as one young girl was killed and 4 more were killed in retaliation in the Lofa county situated in North of Liberia. Violence erupted and Churches and mosques have been burnt. Amidst the confusing mainstream media reports, the citizen journalists of Ceasefire Liberia are doing a great job in reporting the crisis.

Featured Blogger: Saki Golafale

  20 February 2010

“Liberia is good at history making,” says Saki Golafale, one of the members of Ceasefire Liberia, citing the fact that his country was one of the first independent nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as was the country that elected the female president on the continent. However, Saki also strongly believes that the Liberian people continue to make their own history after years of civil war, and he wants the whole world to know it.

Ceasefire Liberia: Constructive Stories About Liberia

  28 January 2010

Rcently Vice Magazine tried to focus Liberia with its sensational documentaries on the country containing exoticism and shocking elements. Whereas the bloggers at Rising Voices grantee Ceasefire Liberia are publishing convincing and constructive stories of the country trying to connect more people from the world.

Hip-Hop as Cosmpolitan Citizen Media

  29 December 2009

Seeking greater social inclusion through new communication technologies is a strategy with a long and accomplished history that has persisted through waves of new inventions including the telegraph, radio, television, satellite, and of course, the Internet. But has any "communication for social inclusion" project been as successful as hip-hop? Just ask the bloggers from Rising Voices citizen media projects.