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Stories about Women Activists Yemen

31 December 2010

Rising Voices: 2010 In Review

2010 was an eventful year for Rising Voices and its community. The community bade farewell to the outgoing Director of Outreach, David Sasaki and welcomed the new Director Eduardo Ávila....

12 December 2010

Featured Blogger: Sara Abd Al-Maktari

Blogger Sara Abd Al-Maktari started as a participant in the first workshops offered by Rising Voices grantee Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques (EWMAT) in Yemen. Since then, she...

12 April 2010

EWAMT: The Start Of The 2nd Phase In Taizz City

The second phase of the ‘Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques (EWAMT)‘ project started in Taizz city, a major city in Yemen located at the Southwestern highlands at an...

8 February 2010

EWAMT: 112 Yemeni Women Received Citizen Media Training

The first phase of the project ‘Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques‘ has been completed. In spite of technical challenges like frequent electricity outages and slow internet, the project...

3 January 2010

EWAMT: Candle In The Dark – The Women Bloggers Of Yemen

Ghaida'a Al Absi says: “EWAMT project is like a candle with other candles, which are lighting up the darkness in Yemen.” We hope that with more blogs and more active...

11 December 2009

Interview with Ghaida'a Al Absi

Ghaida'a al-Absi is the leader of Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques in Yemen, which provides digital media training courses to Yemeni women activists.

20 October 2009

EWAMT: Blogging And Social Networking Energize Women In Yemen

The Rising Voices grantee from Yemen ‘Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques (EWAMT) conducted its seventh workshop recently. The energetic participants learned about blogging and social media techniques and...

24 August 2009

EWAMT: Joining The Global Conversation

The Yemeni society is very conservative and there are a lot of challenges for women who want to come out in the open and claim their equal share among the...

28 June 2009

EWAMT: Learning To Blog To Serve The Community

Rising Voices grantee Empowerment of Yemeni Women Activists in New Media Techniques (EWAMT) has organized two more workshops in June. Apart from teaching the participants how to blog they were...

26 May 2009

EWAMT-Yemen: First Workshop On Blogging Completed

Last month we introduced Ghaida'a Al Absi's project Empowerment of Yemeni Women Activists in New Media Techniques which will train a number of women activists of Yemen in collaboration with...

9 April 2009

Giving a Voice To The Women Activists In Yemen

The new Rising Voices grantee from Yemen "Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques" will organize new media training courses for female politicians, activists, and human right workers. The trainings...

8 April 2009

Video Interview with Ghaidaa al-Absi

While at a conference in Germany about new media activism in the Middle East, Ghaidaa al-Absi sat down with Rezwan and Sami Ben Gharbia to discuss her vision for the...