Stories about Storymaker

[StoryMaker] Vesna Dolinšek of Lam Echaml in Tunisia

  19 February 2014

At the StoryMaker Camp held in January in Amman, Jordan, we spoke with Vesna Dolinšek of Lam Echaml in Tunisia, one of the local coordinators of the project, who shared her experience of meeting other coordiantors from around the world at the StoryMaker trainings.

Tell your Story Through StoryMaker and Win €1,000

  9 August 2013

Use the StoryMaker App to tell your story and compete for €1,000. All stories uploaded on are automatically in the race for the prize. Free Press Unlimited is looking for the best story which would have remained untold without mobile storytelling.

StoryMaking in Morocco

  11 July 2013

Twenty-four participants from across Morocco gathered in Rabat on July 1-5 for the first training in the basics of digital storytelling using the StoryMaker app for Android phones. The diverse group included journalists, bloggers, activists, software developers, translators, and other members of Morocco's civil society.

[Video] How to Use the StoryMaker App

Small World News recently put together a YouTube video showing a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the StoryMaker app, which is a tool for journalists to create their own news reports using their Android phone, as safely and securely as possible.

Storymaking in Erbil

  29 April 2013

Update on the Storymaker app! The team travels to Erbil, in northern Iraq, to troubleshoot the beta version and train local journalists.

Storymaker Gets Started

  1 April 2013

A new project, supported by Global Voices, will launch this year to enable existing and aspiring journalists around the world to develop their digital storytelling skills.