Proposals Kenya from March, 2013

Finalist – Kenya: The Maasai Woman Diary

  March 30, 2013

After the Kenya General elections in March 2013, Kenya will have the first government under the new constitution. Women need to be educated on the opportunities and benefits that come with the new system of governance. This will change the daily activities of the maasai woman. Women will be encouraged to tap the opportunities available to better their lives. This project seeks to give women a voice amidst a culture that dictates for a society ruled by men making women the subject. It will also highlight their socioeconomic needs and share it will the world in a bid to create possible solutions

Kenya: Youth Cafe’

  March 3, 2013

This project will use social media to enlighten the youth on the benefits of making informed choices and the best ways through which they can engage politicians in order to safeguard their future. Through radio talk shows, the youth will be engaged on discussions aimed at empowering them on national development agenda. Resolutions on youth participation in development initiatives will be drafted,uploaded online and shared with the policy makers.

Kenya: Organizing Women Against Fish For Sex Trade

  March 3, 2013

We hope to organize women to tackle issues of their reproductive rights. We will focus on women fish mongers on the ten beaches of Lake Victoria who are dehumanized by fishermen on the beaches. They are forced to have sex with the men before they have access to fish which they sell for their survival. This callous and dangerous situation perpetuates the infection of HIV/AIDS, resulting in forming strong networks in control of the fish trade.

Kenya: IPF Green – Sauti za Vijana wa Turkana

  March 2, 2013

Turkana County, the poorest in Kenya suffers from chronic underdevelopment, extreme poverty, perennial resource conflicts, in addition to an 80% illiteracy rate. This project aims to begin training the of youth in Turkana to use different citizen media participation tools with help from two local environmental NGOs to tackle the environmental & sustainable development issues affecting their County and using a human rights based approach.

Kenya: Capejotec ICT Centre

  March 2, 2013

We will specialise in ICT facilities i.e. Data collection, Ict skills training, Hardware and software repair, software development, websiting and web hosting. To digitalise most schools and surrounding communities and marketing their products through online marketing and developing softwares(tailor made) for the schools and communities to digitalise their records. We will first of all train them on computer applications and ICT skills.

Kenya: Bridging the Gap Among the Positives

March 2, 2013

Sharing of equal opportunities, knowledge and informations among the marginalized persons living with HIV/AIDS in the valley of ignorance, poverty and illiteracy in the interior rural areas and those in the urban areas where one would get all the donors, HIV/AIDS interventions and support due to the concentrated donors and other supports.We would therefore like to initiate three rural cyber centers for day to day news updates to the marginalized.

Kenya: Girls Community Digital Desk Project

  March 2, 2013

This project is aimed at promoting the voices of young girls born with HIV through online media. The project will train 20 young girls between the age of 10-19 years on leadership skills and basic journalism skills.The girls will then take lead in writing their own stories to inspire, and advocate for their rights through social media. Their stories will be published on a common blog that the girls themselves will be in charge of updating.

Kenya: Creating Sickle Cell Awareness Through Folk Media

March 2, 2013

Sickle cell anaemia is a childhood illness with a high mortality rate,higher than HIV, yet its not on the national health plus media radar. We hope to use Participatory Education Theater (PET) to conduct civic education on the disease. This entertainment-education model is effective in lobbying and mobilization. The plays will be recorded & made into a short documentary that will be uploaded on the internet. Copies will be given to the community.

Kenya: Desert Storm

  March 2, 2013

Welcome to Griftu in Wajir in North Eastern desert of Kenya. Saddled in between Ethiopia and Somalia over one thousand KM from Nairobi with no tarmac roads, electricity, water, you are lucky to get mobile network. Talk of global village and you are referring to another world. No wonder when travelling to Nairobi, the residents will ask you to greet Kenyans. To train youth on connectivity using mobile, video, and photography giving them a voice.

Kenya: Forgotten Culture Coming with Forces and Solutions

  March 2, 2013

Erosion of culture has caused decay of many people especially the youths. This is becouse they lack knowledge or people who they can learn from. This project will act as the persona where they can learn from, we will do this by visiting the eldery people who seems to be forgoten and having talkshows with them and hence bringing them in new technology eg in twitter where most youths go in search of information.