Stories about Ceasefire Liberia from May, 2009

[Video] Ceasefire Liberia in Staten Island

  13 May 2009

We have already heard from Prince Tolkpah and Titus Algaba about their implementation of Ceasefire Liberia in Monrovia. In this video we head to the other side of the Atlantic to see how members of the diaspora blogging project in Staten Island, New York will use participatory media to encourage more dialog between Liberians living in New York and Liberia.

Ceasefire Liberia: Project Website Launched

  9 May 2009

The website of the Rising Voices grantee Ceasefire Liberia project has been launched with a lot of promise. Here the Liberian local and diaspora bloggers will discuss issues that affects them to better their communication and understanding. In this feature we highlight some posts from the website.