Stories about Drop-In Center

Drop-in Center: How Rehab should Work

  7 December 2009

Pavel Kutsev, the leader of Drop-in Center, a non-profit organization dealing with issues of people living with drug addiction, recently shared his opinion about the effectiveness of work of drug addiction rehabilitation centers. He offers some specific suggestions to curb corruption and encourage sustainability and self-sufficiency for rehab clinics.

[Video] Interview with Pavel Kutsev of Drop-In Center

  28 October 2009

Pavel Kutsev is the co-founder of Drop-In Center, a Ukrainian organization which advocates for the rights of the injection drug user communication and for better national policy related to substitution therapy. In this video he gives us a basic introduction to the "harm reduction from injection drug use" movement, and summarizes the outcomes of a recent conference in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine which sought to establish a national network of harm reduction acti

Drop-In Center: Building a Movement

  26 October 2009

A conference in early October brought together people living with drug addictions from 25 regions of Ukraine. Together they identified obstacles and strengthened their community.

Drop-In Center: The Anti-Methadone Backlash

  7 October 2009

Pavel Kutsev, a leader of the harm reduction movement in Ukraine, writes about a war against substitution therapy programs, which includes banning methadone programs in municipal hospitals, anti-methadone campaigns in the mass media and police searches of methadone sites.

Drop-In Center: Improved Selection, Improved Program

  22 September 2009

Pavel Kutsev, leader of the organization Drop-In Center, points out how the selection of patients for substitution therapy programs in Ukraine is flawed, and calls on the authorities and the harm reduction community to improve it.

Drop-In Center: New Awareness Program Launched

  9 September 2009

Pavel Kutsev, leader of the Ukrainian harm reduction movement and director of Drop-In Center, blogs about a new HIV/AIDS awareness program launched by his organization. These awareness displays will be placed in pharmacies frequented by drug users.

Drop-In Center: Small Changes, Big Victories

  1 September 2009

Pavel Kutsev, leader of the Ukrainian non-profit Drop-In Center, sums up his organization's main achievements in defending the rights of people living with a drug addiction. A former drug addict and patient of substitution therapy himself, Pavel uses his position to advocate for the very specific needs of people like him.

Drop-In Center: A Call to Action

  17 August 2009

Pavel Kutsev, leader of Drop-In Center, writes about issues impacting the lives of people living with drug addictions in Ukraine. In his recent post, he provides various strategies that patients of substitution therapy programs can use to influence local politicians.

Drop-In Center: The Work Continues

  3 July 2009

Pavel Kutsev, leader of the Drop-In Center project, posts an update of what's going on in the community of Ukrainian substitution therapy program patients.

Drop-In Center: A Reason to Celebrate

  21 June 2009

Drop-In Center, the Ukrainian organization uniting people living with drug addictions, has cause for celebration. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has allowed participants of substitution therapy programs to receive their medication in a drugstore with a prescription. This move will make life significantly easier and save time for many replacement therapy patients.

A New Era of Human Rights Advocacy

  27 May 2009

Representatives from several Rising Voices projects took part in this month's "Soul of the New Machine" conference convened by the University of California at Berkeley's Human Rights Center. Their comments and their projects are indicative of a new era of human rights advocacy.