· September, 2008

Stories about FOKO from September, 2008

FOKO Puts Madagascar on the Map

  24 September 2008

Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island, is much more than a Disney movie. By training Malagasy bloggers how to publish online and interact with the wider world of Web 2.0, Foko is helping put Madagascar on the map.

Creativity Leads to Sustainability

  20 September 2008

Rising Voices microgrants provide citizen media training projects in the developing world with just enough funding to get off the ground. Many of these projects, however, have become so successful that they are now attracting the interest of more local community members who want to learn how to communicate effectively online. In order to continue their training workshops and outreach activities, they have had to come up with creative strategies for financial sustainability.

Rising Voices at Interdependence Day in Brussels

  16 September 2008

The sixth annual Interdependence Day in Brussels brought about 20 youth from around the world to discuss issues of global interconnectedness and interdependence. Rahool Goswami from the Neighbourhood Diaries project in India and Patricia Rakotomalala from Foko Project in Kolkata represented Rising Voices at the four-day forum.