Stories about FOKO from January, 2009

Protests in Madagascar and the Importance of Citizen Journalism Training

  28 January 2009

The recent coverage of Tropical Storm Eric, Cyclone Fanele, and the ongoing protests and political turmoil in Madagascar by local citizen journalists reveals the importance of 1.) citizen journalism training programs, 2.) the translation and contextualization of local content for a global audience, and 3.) networks of media groups so that local voices can be amplified and understood when breaking news hits.

FOKO: A New Year Begins

  8 January 2009

So far FOKO Blog Club, the Rising Voices grantee from Madagascar has completed 13 workshops in 4 locations in Madagascar. And what a year it was as most of the growth happened in 2008. 2009 will be a new year for Foko as blogger-members are slowly taking over charge from the coordinators and facilitators to take the project forward.