· April, 2011

Stories about RV in Egypt from April, 2011

Exploring Taboos: Documenting Stories From The Revolution

  20 April 2011

Egypt is going through turbulent times especially since the January 25 revolution. The Rising Voices Grantee from Egypt - Exploring Taboos project has completed its third round of workshops during 15-17 March, 2011. It was basically a story telling workshop by both genders and people of different sexual orientations on the revolution and about documenting these stories.

Exploring Taboos: At the Million Woman March

  11 April 2011

Many Egyptians continue to promote the expansion of rights for women in post-Mubarak Egypt. One participant in the Exploring Taboos project wrote about his participation in the Million Woman March held on March 8, 2011, and which attracted rival protests and harassment from those that did not agree with the demands.