Media Literacy & Resisting Manipulation

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Joined Rising Voices in 2014

ProtestsElection season is right around the corner for voters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which means that over the next four months citizens will be bombarded with news and analysis about the candidates and the important issues at hand. However, this can often cause difficulties for those wading through the volume and varying quality of information. The project led by the Post-Conflict Research Center is training Bosnian youth to take a critical look at the role of the media in society, where they will are putting skills such as fact-checking and attribution into practice by contributing on a collaborative blog, where they are examining how their country is portrayed by the international media.

Through an in-person workshop held in Sarajevo, young people from across the country came together to learn about media literacy and to write about being critical about the media that they consume. Blog posts were uploaded to the site Balkan Diskurs where the posts were translated into English.

Meet some of the participants in this video created by the PCRC:

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