Mapping for Niger

Niamey, Niger – Joined Rising Voices in 2013

mapping for N5Through a partnership with the Department of Geography at the Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey, Niger, students from the campus Geography Club came together to form a Volunteer Technical Community (VTC) to discover the needs and the stories of their surrounding community. Using OpenStreetMap tools, the team learned skills needed to take part in a collaborative open-source humanitarian mapping project. As they acquired these mapping and citizen media skills, the participants set off around the capital city and surrounding rural villages to map key landmarks such as schools, streets, and hospitals. They also have been using other forms of citizen media to link the objects that they map with the needs of these communities. By accompanying this mapping process through regular updates to the project's blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts, this map came to life with the stories and realities of Niger.

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