The South of South

Merida, Mexico – Joined Rising Voices in 2013

surdelsurSantiaguero Collective started in the city of Mérida, Mexico, where they were drawn together out of their common love of music, but not just any music. What characterizes this collective is their focus on Creative Commons-licensed music that reflects the current social issues of the region and of the country.

In time, many more musical groups joined the collective, especially local groups recording music in their native Mayan language. It was soon apparent that there was a need to provide a space to facilitate conversations about the need to build and support young leaders eager to see their language reflected online and their relationship with young people that may have roots in these indigenous communities. The project “South of South” is bringing together local musicians to explore these commonalities through online dialogue, including a space to share their musical works.

Local artists are invited to remix and adapt instrumental tracks created through collaboration. All of the tracks and adaptations are made available under Creative Commons licenses. Some of the collaborations include this track adapted from the instrumental by the Mayan rapper PatBoy:

and local hip-hop artists Mayaclan, which adapted this instrumental track:

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