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Shuar y Achuar: Our Digital Stories in Our Own Language

Macas, Ecuador – Joined Rising Voices in 2014

marlonvargasCommunity radio stations in the Ecuadorian Amazonian indigenous communities Shuar and Achuar have a rich history of transmitting in their native languages about issues important to this region. The people behind these radio stations want to learn how to take these intercultural stories to the web using free software tools to stream online and create blogs to complement their traditional transmission. Young members of these radio stations will be trained in the use of these free tools as a way to strengthen inter-generational dialogue and communication in their own native Shuar and Achuar languages.

With the help of Wambra Radio, five radio stations have now created their blog, social media accounts, and have added an online broadcasting component in the Schuar and Achuar languages, so that they can expand their reach.

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